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  1. There are 2 teams, police and villans 1 villan is in a police station cell and the cops have to make sure he dosnt break out where as the villans have to bust him out.
  2. ok I think i got that so i dont enter my internet i.p i enter the lans i.p btw its a wireless lan.
  3. errm im not that good at neworking lol both comps have the net but there on the same i.p would that work trying to host a game like that.Whats the server and client sorry lol
  4. Well I wanted to know how i would go about playing mta vc through a lan with 2 comps any ideas?
  7. please help i ahvtn be able to play in ages
  8. Your download speed : 450354 bps, or 439 kbps. A 54.9 KB/sec transfer rate. Your upload speed : 240076 bps, or 234 kbps. mine any help
  9. It would be like sim city but jsut with rocket launchers grenades cars and hunter helis
  10. Repeat 100 times. "I am an idiot, I am an idiot, I will not embed my favourite music in my posts unless i wish to be banned, I am an idiot I am an idiot." Broadband
  11. yea Mrbump it did the same Im using vc
  12. well i just noticed most servers have ping 9999 even though have the fastest connection you can buy in the uk well I found a server with something like 185 ping and it let me join it but i only had 1 player in
  13. tried what blank said its response Connecting... Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 5 sec) Auto Reconnect in 5 Secs, Please Wait Connecting... Disconnected: Client disconnected. (Delay = 10 sec) Im not behind a firewall
  14. I cant post in useful topics for some reason that why its here so anyway Whenever I try to join a server a message states that the server is full or unresponsive when I click force connect it loads the client then in the chat box says Connecting... Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec) On every server help what should I do?
  15. I think in the next installment of mta vc we should be able to buy propetys and the owners could invite people to join him to protect it good idea what do you think?
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