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    Happy New Year

    yeah, or just a lot more ammo when you spawn, another question, whatever happened to the ammo bonanza that would happen when you would pick up someone else's ammo? I remember being nicely loaded...sometimes up to 10k rounds of ammo but nowadays you pickup someone's m60 and it only gives you 50
  2. Tylercito

    Happy New Year

    sorry, the M16 is the one you have to get with the helicopters... at the dock and near the airport... the other one that you have to switch with is the one you find near the pink arrow inside a building and in an underground basement type of thingy... M16=M4 I could be wrong... but it surely looks like an M16 but what I want to know is if there is an M60 on the map anywhere and where to locate it...OR can the mta team put one in on the 0.4.5 release? that would be...SUPER!
  3. Tylercito

    Happy New Year

    not to be off subject but, can we get some M60 ammo drops put in the next release? I've noticed about 5 areas where you can get the molotov cocktails...and 2 for the M4 and 2 for the other mg comparable to the m4 (m16) but no M60 ammo. which kind of sucks. anyone agree with me on this? maybe this has been mentioned before.
  4. Tylercito


    sorry to double post here and to be off topic... but do any of you have an 'unmodified' v1.0 GTA3.exe? I can't patch mine to v1.1 cause it has a no cd crack modification.
  5. Tylercito


    yes, it's nice to see that you are always thinking ahead, mta team can we have more vehicles? I know that .4 has more, but still, not enough. can the helicopters that shoot actually be able to shoot? plz! and if any of the boats have guns on them (like the cops) make sure they can shoot as well.. can you tell us a time frame? how long you think this one will be? thanks.
  6. Tylercito

    MTA 0.4.1 Released

    me and my friend concur that 0.4 is better... we didn't have much of an issue with the ping... but 0.4.1 does seem to run smoother.. but I have a question for the mta team... why isn't the military helicopter in sync? I can shoot and fire missiles galore...but no damage to the other player...AND nothing appears to be happening on THEIR end (meaning they don't see the gunfire or missiles) can this easily be added or fixed? other than that, great job! the aiming seems to be much better, too.
  7. I will probably play GTA3 just cause I didn't really get a chance to play it...multiplayer that is, the only mta for that was QUITE buggy, and almost unplayable.
  8. Hey, I just want to say that MTA did do a good job creating a workable v.3 version of MTAVC... I can't really say the same for GTAT v.05d beta crap... no offense to Draco loyalists but...damn his shit sucks! dunno if it will all be solved or what... but mtavc .03 kicks ass compared to his... which is why I am glad to see the v.04 up to 80% and the core up to 50% :> which only makes me wonder how much better will this one be over .03?? at least .03 is playable... I mean I do get the exception handled error so often and... things aren't quite perfect but what do you expect from a hac
  9. Yeah, it probably was I was just ribbing back as well.... I might've come across as harsh hehe so if I did...sorry sometimes I am too blunt for my own good... I try my best to make it as harmless sounding as possible... but for people who don't know you well enough might get the wrong idea. anyways... is their a release date for V.04? oh, good holiday inn joke, I've been wanting to say something like that... but haven't had the proper material for it...damn! I guess I gave it to you hehe.
  10. KFC Wheelman, yes you are right...I bought it... which is why my first post on this board mentions to everyone that it was an April Fools gag.. and like I said in my 2nd post, maybe I should've played along... hope I didn't ruin it for ya'll however, retaliating with a rude post directed towards ME and being on the MTA team is quite unprofessional. how nice...being a new comer..new user... and management treats me like this... I will take my business someplace I guess.
  11. oh...how could I be so wrong...blah blah... I can't wait for this multiplayer solitaire...oh please. I can't wait... yeah...right... sorry for ruining the gag guys... maybe Ishould've played along in the first place. NOT! hahah j/k seriously I am sorry... there wILL be a V.04 and it WILL support VC so neener neener neener.
  12. Damnit! don't you people realize it's APRIL FOOLS DAY! congrats on the MTA team for fooling everyone hey Curly, nice Avatar... I recognize one of those models...she is my favorite so my question to the MTA team is... .04 will support Vice City too? do you have a list of new features that will be in it? and the big question is...aiming? will that be fixed? anyways ciao for now.
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