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  1. really, i'm not a modeler, but people who know the same knowledge as mine, managed to save even heavier models, and i know that the size of this skin goes far beyond what is normally a gta san andreas skin, and how I spoke before and I repeat now: this model was made for a clothing system for the MTA, so far, as far as I know, the only way to make a clothing system using 3D models and not just textures for the MTA, is to put everything together , and most models in these outfits are not made by modelers, most are converted gta 5 dolls, and it may be that I’m really doing something wrong (even
  2. I'm trying to save a skin for a clothing system, however when it reaches a certain point, the skin corrupts, I've managed to save a skin up to 5.20mb, but trying again this decreased to 5.07, after I formatted my computer it decreased to 4.75mb, after that the skin matters with the following error: "non standard dff" I don't think it's a corrupt model, I saved a model with certain clothes, it went over the limit and the skin didn't matter, I saved a second model with the same things, however with their weight decreased (not to exceed 4.75) and the model saved and imported without giving any er
  3. opening the model with error, in 3ds max 2020(with the updated kam's script) happens this: https://prnt.sc/vev8on
  4. I already tried to use the converter, but it gives the error... What I'm trying to do is a clothing system, only the model is missing, but as I said, the error happens every time the weight stays 4.50 or more, would that be a problem that the kam's script version? (I use 3ds max 2010)
  5. Hello, I'm facing a problem, I want to know which by the name of the topic, I've made a model, and I've been adding things to it, but when it arrives 4.50mb, from this error if I try to open it again, is there any solution? I took another model, I put the same things and gave it the same, I tested each thing on the model to see if any of those clothes would be "corrupting" the skin, but no, this only happens when the model weighs 4.50mb or more.
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