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  1. I just wanted the mark to appear on the map during the quest, by the way, I did it from scratch, but here's how to make the mark disappear from the radar and the map when you press start work in another work resource, tried it differently through calla and export too.
  2. It does not work, but how to make a marker appear in one quest system and come up to the NPC, this is a different system, the work of a miner and you click on the goo window so that the blip icon disappears, I don’t understand how to combine this and do the work synchronously. how to do it? In general, I tried using callas to call a function with an argument in the resource resource, errors appear in the debug, please help, the problem is still relevant.
  3. In this case, the database stores the color of the account and coordinates of the car. Читайте тут: dbConnect
  4. it didn’t work as a miner, in general I figured out how to do it. you can create a marker and when you get up on the marker the blip disappears, how to do it?
  5. No, I have a quest system and a miner's work, in general, a quest appears there a mark appears that I have already done a person reaches the mark clicks start work and the mark must disappear exactly 41 id blip radar_waypoint icons. How to implement and do it.
  6. in general, I asked for help, no one helped, hello how to hide the blip using the texture shader method radar_waypoint the texture name is id 41 blips, the indicated point on the radar and map, I need this for my quest system. Even if one wrote, he closed the topic and wrote stupidly briefly, I didn't even understand anything, that's how I would throw you at you, so now come on and sort it out what for the programmers, it's not clear, in general, how to do it?
  7. saluta

    Light system

    Hello dear, I want to make a high beam system from scratch, well, like from scratch - there is already a system of light shaders vechicles_lighting_systems. You press the button and the high beam turns on, how to make the button press and the high beam turns on, here is the light shader code itself.
  8. And how to do this in the work resource, here in the goo window I will click to start work how to make the mark disappear?
  9. Salute dear programmers. How to remove the blip icon on the map? I indicated in the code the creation of an icon by coordinates and ID, but how can I do this deleting an icon by coordinates that I also indicated in the code? help, I beg you.
  10. That's right, I agree with you. Another resource called Vinyl Studio interferes, in general, it is to change the images on the car body. I'll strip off the vinyl code right now. Here is the code.
  11. You threw me off, yes, I understand, but can you please have a full-fledged code to hide a certain icon from the map? by pressing the button in the goo menu to start work. I just want the miner's work resource so that when I click to start work, the id icon disappears 41 the name of the icon - Waypoint
  12. --Autosalon resource client.lua:578 line if not getElementData(source, "byri") or getElementType(hit) ~= "player" and not isPedInVehicle(hit) then return end --Toner client.lua:312 line if getElementData (source, "isToner") == true and hitPlayer == getLocalPlayer() and isPedInVehicle(hitPlayer) then --Fuel resource cl_gas:44 line if getElementData(source,"fuelstation") then
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