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  1. What is the difference between the two? I've never been sure what the Core is.
  2. I regret posting that last entry. Just ignore them. They feed off your annoyance.
  3. First off, he was cheating up and down....second, it's not lag when you can follow someone behind a car going full speed while continuously firing an automatic weapon and staying a ridiculously close distance (and no he wasn't jacking the car). And when I did fire at him he had a health cheat. I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE U FUUCKING (sic) MORON. Taking control of the game's rules while everyone else still plays fair, and then bragging about killing people like it's some kind of accomplishment, takes a lot of ignorance and a bit of loneliness. It's pathetic. Get some real skills.
  4. [MNK]Deeemon health hack warp/map/speed hack ammo/weapons hack p.s. i hope he dies.
  5. I've been itching to get back into IRCs again, but I'm kind of a n00b about it now...I had a lot of experience with them, but I don't really know where to start looking for the new good programs now. When I first got into IRC, I just used mIRC, and there's something a bit more current, I'm guessing. And n00b question two: what's the IP and Port # of the MTA chats? I'm pretty sure the room is #mta, but I'm kinda confused on the status of it because of reading that "chat is down" thread. Thanks.
  6. Here's a new lamer report: Playing on Elrod's Extreme VC server, around 9 PM EST, there's no admins (which I can deal with), but there are a lot of lame cheaters (which I can't) There's SlayeR, who openly admits to using and uses a health hack, and the appropriately named ITSRAPETIME!, who apparently uses a health hack, ammo/weapon cheat, and some kind of map hack/warping thing. There's nothing like riding around and then a guy randomly warps into your radar (map-wise), while you're going your fastest in your car and is right behind you torching it. Definitely ruins the fun. I didn't think p
  7. I laughed when I read this. I laughed again when I thought about fry's spelling capabilities. Fry, he has a valid point in asking if you can even make friends...I mean, something so simple as playing the game becomes hard for weak ass lamers like you...you know you're pissing everyone off, you're taking pride is being such a prick, so all I can think is that you are so desperate for attention, even negative attention, that you'd pull stupid shit like this. By the way, I liked the MNK'er (the names don't matter) who said that MTA teams are any ol idiots. Well...sure, there are a lot of clans t
  8. Kewl! The Partyserver is my favorite! I'm glad to hear that as well. When you have guys modding and spawning cars and calling themselves a "car dealer" and rubbing it in everyone's face, that's when it's gone too far. I can stay away from the health hacks (they're a pain), give up on the speed hacks (I'm too slow), and run from the ammo hacks (forget staying around and getting shot), but lagging everyone and messing around isn't cool.
  9. Roi - uses health hack and goes around trying to kill everyone like a dickhead. hitman55/ (car dealer) - uses health hack, spawns cars, causes lag for EVERYONE.
  10. JxMxB

    What we do

    I completely agree with Mr. Bill. Too many people take MTA for granted/don't understand it's not a Rock* mod. I had quit playing GTA, I got bored with it, but MTA has renewed my interest; I feel like I'm playing SEGA Channel again...something that's so good I spend any and all free time playing it, full of ingenuity and fun. I know there are plenty of other people like me, and I know that almost all of the people who have been down since day one on this know the deal...so the least we can do is try to step up and improve the community aspect of it...set an example for the others...and don'
  11. Paying also gets you full access to everything, like server scans, etc. I just paid for the lifetime subscription (to get it over with) and I don't regret or think I wasted my money one bit. It's also nice to be able to see if any of your favorite players/enemies are online, and which server they're at.
  12. JxMxB


    I have no more than 35-80 ping in US servers. I have broadband. I am a member of SWAT but I respect everyone and don't cry wolf. I say hi to everyone on the servers. I just think I didn't deserve the ban. I did nothing and NEVER ping above 200, much less 100.
  13. JxMxB


    Once again, banned from Partyserver...for no reason. I was playing as S.W.A.T. 6, had perfect ping, was just talking with another person, and got banned from the server. What gives? Who was the admin that did that this time? This is getting ridiculous.
  14. Fuck this game, seriously. I got accused of cheating, changed my name, and then when [KFC]KungFu joined the game and killed me, he said I was cheating! (I was []D[][V][]D) Yet, Kung was the one walking around with a flamethrower almost as soon as he jumped in the game, walking around torching me when I had a stubby and shot until the flames killed me and he didn't lose ANY health whatsoever. I'm sick of the people that can't play this game fair. I spent a lot of time today having fun, playing manhunt, on a european server because the good U.S. ones I have been banned from (explained in a pre
  15. JxMxB


    I used to play MTA a lot in the recent months...but I've been playing Super Nintendo recently, so I've been letting a friend get on and play MTAVC, because he's watched me play for quite some time. Today, I attempted to get on several servers (wojjie, partyserver), and I've been banned. My friend has been using a trainer. I berated him about it, and deleted the trainer, but I don't have a way to contact anyone who is on these servers. I haven't played in months, these bans have to be a bit old, and I'm asking whomever that can see this to relay that to the admin. This drives me nuts because
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