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  1. Hi, Regarding my earlier suggestion I am now willing to pay someone to make this script. If you don't know what I mean here is a reference video. It needs to be compatible with the map editor. Basic functions would include: Texture preview (just like with objects) Applying textures for a single object and all objects of the same ID Applying textures for a single index and all indexes of an object Displaying indexes on objects (would be great, but can live without it) All of this can later on be implemented into next mta release, I don't mind that. I
  2. use https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/MoveObject in a loop
  3. Yeah, that's probably it, it must have some purpose. I personally don't care about slide glitch (the one at 1:20), I put it in the video just to make the differences easier to see/understand. The only thing that I care about and what I don't like is that it makes cbuging less convenient
  4. Hi, I understand that probably for most of you guys this isn't an issue at all, and noone cares about it but well.. I do I remember when the sa-mp competetive scene was in it's top form back in like 2010 I tried to convince a lot of people to switch to mta because sa-mp scripting is a joke, but they didn't want to. They kept saying mta felt "weird". Now, 10 years later I know exactly what the problem is. * Important notice: It doesn't seem like it's an fps-related issue, since the lock occurs and is the same in 1-70fps range with around 72 and above making you unable to move *
  5. nevermind, I figured this out the correct usage is setWeaponProperty(24, "pro", "flags", 0x040000, true) I got confused because wiki says "flags" - int then it says flag_shot_anim_abrupt" - bool and in example usage part says setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000800) -- Warning - Depends on the current flag setting setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000002) -- Warning - Depends on the current flag setting but I still cannot see the difference between this flag enabled or disabled so feel free to enlighten me
  6. Hi, I'd like to see the difference between this flag enabled/disabled. I did read the wiki page but I'm not sure if: 1. it is enabled or disabled by default? 2.this is correct usage? => setWeaponProperty(24, "pro", "flags", 0x040000) - I've tried but it doesn't seem to change anything. thanks
  7. It says right, and then it says // Nevermind, I just realized that community.mtasa.com doesn't use the same login/password as forums.
  8. I'm not a scripter myself so I don't know, but as it's already been done long time ago in sa-mp, which makes me think it's not like a big challange (since sa-mp is pretty poor in terms of scripting). The script's called Texture Studio w what do you mean?
  9. I am looking for a easy-to-use script that I could run, or an alternative map editor, that would allow me to retexture my objects live (using in-game textures only). Is there anything like that out there?
  10. Today our board has been moved on new server, thereby applying new design. The new url is http://forum.hot-clan.pl
  11. Today we had played match with RoC.team from Poland. xHoTx beated opponent in every round! (7-0) xHoTx xHoTxBumer xHoTxEvolutioN xHoTxFnatiC xHoTxStryju xHoTxMLX RoC. RoC.Thierry RoC.Ciast3k RoC.CorteZ RoC.Kawalec RoC.NaysoN
  12. 11th of November 2009 We have played clan war in Polish Championship with well known team "Angels Clan". The game was hard and balanced. Match has finished with score of 4-3 for us. Thereby HoT.team is now leading in league.
  13. My mates are still getting this error. What should they do? It works on my computer at all, so i can't help them. //Edit: Problem resolved.
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