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  1. Ok, thanks rebel, you have seen me fly, am i correct?
  2. Hey lips, and mike, remember me guys? i remember mike, me and schark flew with him, he is good, you guys have seen me fly, you know i'm good. I wish I could join yuor flying clan, i love to fly, but i'm in sm, Honorary memeber me?
  3. Yea, good luck, SM will fight you, i'm pretty shure boss won't mind. You might want to change your name to MI5 Then.
  4. Bring it on bioch Hows that sound xenex? FKU would be a nice start.. And i was chatting with Rawk, he says your gonna let him in 2 clans? ULK and SM?
  5. Ok, Becuase I get bored, but don't wanna leave, yes it is the stunt part. You can update your first post with my favorite gun is the MP5
  6. I have been waiting for asomeone to respond for the last 4 days, this clan is really idle... I want some qars and stuff! Where are you guys! I had more fun specing a KFC VS FKU mtach than all being here! Cme on! This clan IS NOT going down the drain.
  7. hehe, I still need an offical testing m8. Msn me at brycesbenjamin@msn.com Why wasen't I invited to this bachlor party? Lol, nice pics.
  8. OK, Sounds good, but first is first, we need a new hoster, ezboard sucks becuase they hate me, and i can't get on. I am probably the most active player, i am playing atm and wanna get more active.
  9. Hmm.. looks like some inside stuff on MTA:Blue Everyone look! A mod might delete it quick! LOl It looks sweet.
  10. Hey, I'm back after a LONG bann, my account was edited.. etc but its all good now thanks bump Anyway, I have some suggestions to get Sm active. Since we are recruiting again, I think you should give all memebers the power to recruit, but have it set up like ULK. Have SM clan, then rSM The recryuits will have the r in front of it untill they prove to the main recruiters that they are worthy. I am still awaiting my offical stunt test yet, and For the oringal post, as of what gun i prefer, its a MP5. I have another suggestion, lose the SM nane, get a new one, it should be a stunt and killin
  11. That sounds good. I play Counter-Strike. I love it. Source, battlefield 1942.. halo.. all those, but i prefer MTA more anbove all, hmm its just kinda hard to go away from!
  12. No, wheel did this. its sounds like a poser, or bull, i mean, that is no major clan... i wouldn't evan have a worry joe, they can't nothing.
  13. Go look at the core read up. Thats what they are doing. So you can have all the fun you want!
  14. The hell you your 1000 I lost 150! out of 250! OMFG! I'm gonna faint Bah, life sucks, i get used to it. But them dang kanagroos I'l leave from my rambeling. Fish Thanks Blokker
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