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  1. i just used the example from the wiki to check if it will work , but apparently it didn't show anything on the Debug ..however , i need to create a avatar system that make the players code upload their avatars through URL and then it download for all the server so that it will be shown for everyone , i hope you get what i mean .. thanks for help .. i really appreciate that .
  2. hi , i just started use fetchRemote and i tried the example from the wiki ( the image one ) , but it didn't work although the url is working .. -- server function ShowImage (player) outputChatBox ( "event called, fetching image..." ) fetchRemote ( "https://img.icons8.com/cotton/2x/baby.png", function ( response, error ) if error == 0 then if player then triggerClientEvent ( player, "onClientGotImage", player, response ) outputChatBox ( "data sucessfully send to the player" ) el
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