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  1. Oh! I guess I assumed since they were all zips, I shouldn't put folders in there. Now I'm off to finally play with the new editor. Thank you very much for your time, robhol.
  2. Thanks for replying. I have downloaded "multitheftauto_resources-r97.zip" and extracted it to /mods/deathmatch/resources, as per the instructions. I even extracted it to /server/mods/deathmatch/resourcecache hoping something would happen. Inside the "editor" folder is: exports.lua 1KB freeroam.lua 1KB meta.xml 1KB Is this correct to have? PS This was all done before I started the thread, so the original post still stands...
  3. I've followed these instructions, and 2 things happen. Either: a) Black screen with chatbox and "Nightly SA Build 1.0" bottom right. That's all. b) Same as above, except there is sometimes a progress bar with "0 out of 555 bytes complete". It's frozen and never moves. I've waited for 10 minutes with no activity. Just the same old screen. I've read about old "acl.xml" causing black screens, but I don't think it applies to fresh installs. Either way, deleting it then reinstalling the nightly build doesn't help. This is "mtasadm-1.0-r574.exe". Also, this is what is in the console [19:0
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