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  1. Partyz

    New Clan [Vt]

    [VT] - Vice Terror was playing unofficialy since 0.1 and officialy since 0.2 to 0.3, than through 0.4 as (eVT) - elite Vice Terror (with smaller squad), than connected with RP and further - with VCSM created SP and then its part transform someday into PCP .
  2. Partyz

    New Clan [Vt]

    [VT] - Vice Terror was playing unofficialy since 0.1 and officialy since 0.2 to 0.3, than through 0.4 as (eVT) - elite Vice Terror (with smaller squad), than connected with RP and further - with VCSM created SP and then its part transform someday into PCP .
  3. So be fast ^^. x32 is an archaism .
  4. I've got an VERY IMPORTANT question. I can host a server under very comfortable conditions. Only problem that's the present version of server application is not compatible with X64 platform. Will be there a compilation for this?
  5. best chill mode in MTA is to smoke a gravity bong or any other bong or even a joint and just play :] :] :]
  6. I wish there will be NO spaz in final version of 051. Don't you remember who many problems there was with in 0.2.2 (and prev)? It's such a lamer's gun, it's the same if you put minigun or sth. For me this is sick idea, better think how to implement sniper rifles or RPG but no fokking spaz, lol. Playing MTA 0.5 with "fixed synchro" I feel like in MTA 0.2 (with "shited synchro") and you wanna make newest version almost alike older one? No no no, c'mon guys, I don't say that you are totally defenceless against Spaz, but it's not a weapon for present versions of MTA (e.g. b/c players' set to the g
  7. ok...many words bout gameplay...and what about responsibility and maturness (if I can say like that) of players? in any other multi-game there is a calm atmosphere but in MTA... n/c
  8. thx a lot for warm acceptance. at all, I don't think a post on forums can change the world, but it can focus more attention on such things. MTA is dying slowly. Hope Blue will help. I know in some ways it will - only look at the Gangland side of MTA which is partialy in DEVs' hands... Big HOOAH for all... I'm not for some time now
  9. You can't understant, because you can't read with understanding... that's it. And I'm not looking for anything. Just want to take your notice on what is going on around on servers, in clans etc. We can't see it on Forums, and this topic is ignored there...
  10. HERE you can find short forums' conversation with nice conclusion. I'm not looking forward for comments and such things. It is just for information, because some ppl even here can't understand, how is MTA world IN REAL, not just here - on MTA Forums. And I will be very glad if DEVs FINALLY will do something with Gangland in MTA, because it is ruined slowly and day by day it is falling down. And you CAN'T DISAGREE with that if you can't find STRONG ARGUMENTS. But I saw such arguments in some users' mouths here and they wasn't very convinced. I can even say that they are easy and without any c
  11. No worries, it should all be configureable in MTA:Blue so it means dat Admin can even configure when da weapons will b on map, same as cars etc? lol, I heard bout it in GTAT in my interview wiv DracoBlue, it sounded very optimistic but as we can c... yep, nuthin 2 add... hope u will do dis well Dev guys...mayb I just quit da Scene but I want MTA to b very good and playable mod, HOOAH!
  12. cuz we r one of da most organized clans ever...like FMJ or ULK. Dun cheat eachother - MTA Scene is in most n00bish or non-organized (dats da reason y i quit - now seriously - and I dun wanna play MTA anymore if we gotta such Scene as we have now), for example - sum1 remember how da League creation was in progress? 20 clans wanted to join, on Leaders Meeting was 4 clan leaders... sum1 shud lead da Scene, now it is "Magic Three" - FMJ, ULK and PCP as before was FMJ, TmM and VT.
  13. No more spaz!! it's n00bish... sam as minigun... but sniper rifles shud b nice...if they will b...
  14. soz dude, but SP is a trademark registered. A clan before PCP was named SP, but it is still present on da Scene. Look at dis website: http://www.dragos.enon.pl/plmta <<< it's a polish section of EU League, as ya can c - there is in logo "& SP/PCP website". SP is Silent Predators. It became from fusion of two clans - Vice City Silent Mafia (VCSM) and Ruthless Predators (RP) - as we can c - Silent Predators (SP). Aye dude, plz change da name cuz we was FIRST!!!...
  15. Partyz

    *TLR* CLAN

    mayb ur dad is a twat but I dun wanna allow a man who is a n00b for me to call me twat... understand it muthafucka? I'm not ur mate from neighbourhood or any other kid same as u, so plz, stop it ok? Grow up than we can speak each other. Callin sum1 twat wivout any reason is childish lol. And dun tell callin sum1 n00b is childish too, cuz I gotta CONSTRUCTIVE reasons to say dat, but u gotta NO CONSTRUCTIVE reasons to call me twat. K fucker? Wtf is up wiv ya guyz? U dun gotta nuthin SMART to say, so u r defendin yaself such as ya did? Yea... dis is very matured, veeeryyyy... lol, no comments...
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