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  1. Yea i kno dont all glitch But hey i know some do and they are so annoying t fight They warp like everywhere and shoot from somewhere u cant seem to remember he was there ...
  2. As long there wont be some stupid ugly stunt mods in it I've seen them downloaded them to check out in single player and in one word UGLY Real ugly, placed on a stupid place There is place on the water why not put it there? Modders can do everything didnt they?
  3. Well no1 will see kfc make kills then Actually that would be one of the good things No more glitching kfc around the servers
  4. Nahh posty it will still be easy just throw it and then run like a bitch with hot peppers in your ass Now i wont think the nade would hit u then But for mollies its an different thing then But its good its all fixed As for stubby glitches are those fixed also? I dont know one but i know alot people use those glitches thats why i am asking
  5. Hey how can i help it people hate me and put up this stupid things I dont really care they will get bored any time.. Atleast i know i dont cheat and most of my friends know that to So this stupid line wont say a thing trust me
  6. Ok good to know that has changed That will be one of the first things i will check out in mta:blue
  7. Most of time i'd say are u interested in a clan? They might say yes And well fight him to show your skills Couse some people might think omg some stupid n00b asked me for his n00bish clan Not ment to be rude or something but some people might think that couse he just killed u a couple times Just go on and i'd say good luck and dont forget to have fun
  8. Well im sure every1 will have an 100% game there Its everywhere to download so that wont be really fair for those newbs and n00bs
  9. Lol erorr ive readed it now Took me 5-10 minutes to actually finish reading it Anyways its a nice idea yea and it can be done There is a way to just close the bridges The bridge on Prawn Island, Starfish Island and the one in Washington Beach can be closed i guess As for the blips for the Briefcase etc etc It can be done aswell Im sure of that For thay spraying money on the road i think that could be hard but might can be left away This is actually a game to play with teams of 6-10 so 20 people in total If u do 26 well i'd say u would have total chaos and it will look like the dest
  10. Isnt there a problem witht he minigun of the hunter then? I think u guys already found out didnt u? Like if u throw the molo/nade very far it will synch right in front of u for the other person And if u shoot up in the air u will shoot straight in front of you So if your in the hunter ofcourse out of range from m60 the minigun wont be any use U will see those shots but they will synch straight ahead of those persons Wont they?
  11. Gamefreek u also have to find all then And i dont think the admin is gonna put 10 rocket launchers in a row into the game on one place Wont he?
  12. i think there should be a max of 30 But hey thats me The reason is with a server of max 12-16 it aint so full so u gotta drive all the way to the other island to fight some1 and die With 30 its like some1 is near and u fight him, u either die or win and theres always some1 near u when u survived or respawned And with 50 its gonna be way to full Ull have fights with 15 people, and im not talking bout 15 vs 1 but 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 etc etc...
  13. It aint that hard U just go and play and when u find some1 that really has some skills try to recruit him But go to servers with alot of non clan people I dont think people in a clan will get in this one Not ment to be rude by any way Anyways have fun in your clan Ill see ya guys around
  14. For the water world wars it would be a good idea to just remove the bridges and starfish, golf and prawn island of the map Couse if you dont u only have the sea to use Also it would be great if u could drive with the big large boat And cannons wich destroy the boat People with m60 shooting the people on the boat etc etc Also it would be fun if u could use some kind of hooks to get on the other boat but that wont be really possible if u ask me
  15. U can make an gangwar mode that has no rocket launchers, snipers, mini guns, flamers etc etc I dont think it would be that hard for the mta team to delete those would it??
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