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  1. Hey, I'm dealing with some dxDrawRectangle designing and I'm tired of guessing the right coordinates each time. Is there a helpful method to create a Draw rectangle perfectly ? Thanks!
  2. I'm convinced, I like the way you think!
  3. If he wanted to learn from the beginning he wouldn't definitely ask such a question, I totally agree. Yes my code was wrong as I made quick without paying attention, correct script client side : function output() outputChatBox("text", 255,255,255,true); end; addCommandHandler("cmd1", output); Server side : function output(Player) outputChatBox("text" ,Player,255,255,255,true); end; addCommandHandler("cmd2", output);
  4. Hello, Did you try any crosshair modding? did you change weapons properties ? Make sure that your weapons settings are at least default, or well set.
  5. Hey, This is not freelance section, here we help each other. If you want some developer to make you a car shop you have to pay. Or you can learn make your own creature. Simple and basic idea, A checkpoint that opens a list of a cars and assign a car to each players that chooses an option. Work on it!
  6. function output(resourceRoot) outputChatBox(resourceRoot, "text", 255,255,255,true); end; addCommandHandler("cmd1", output);
  7. @Patrick Thank you very much for being kind and helpful, you're answer helped me a lot.
  8. Hello kind reader, i hope you have a great day! I'm making my first steps to create a login panel, and I just started learning the Gui basics, but I'm failing to Export the Gui from client side. Here is my script ( it's not complicated at all : Client side : local login = {}; function login_show() login[1] = guiCreateWindow (0, 0, 0.5, 0.4, "Information", true); login[2] = guiCreateTabPanel (0, 0.1, 1, 1, true, login[1]); login[4] = guiCreateTab("Map Information", login[3]); login[5] = guiCreateTab("Help", login[4]); -- adds a label (text) to each tab guiCreateLabel(0.02, 0.04, 0.94, 0.2, "This is information about the current map", true, login[4]); guiCreateLabel(0.02, 0.04, 0.94, 0.92, "This is help text.", true, login[5]); end; addEvent("loginshow", true); addEventHandler("loginshow", root, login_show); function login_delete() for i,k in ipairs(login) do if login[i] then guiSetVisible(login[i], false); end; end; end; addEvent("logindelete", true); addEventHandler("logindelete", root, login_delete); Serverside : function LoginPanelShow() TriggerClientEvent(Player, "loginshow"); end function LoginPanelDelete() TriggerClientEvent(Player, "logindelete"); end addCommandHandler("test1", LoginPanelShow); addCommandHandler("test2", LoginPanelDelete); I greatly thank you for your attention!
  9. Hey @amirkhan You can find a template in the default MTA gamemode, it's called voice and using the voice bind from your settings. It's open source you can make an edit which is not recommended, to edit a script that doesn't belong to you.
  10. CouldnoT

    Change anim

    Hello Wassim, I guess you can just try this feature : function change_animation() local value = getWeaponProperty(desert_eagle, "poor", "anim_loop_start"); setWeaponProperty (colt_45, poor, anim_loop_start, value); end; addEventHandler ("onResourceStart", getRootElement(), change_animation); I'm not sure it works but give it a try, it may help you. If it worked don't forget to repeat the process with rest of weapon levels ( std, pro ).
  11. You're really not advised to use free hosting unless you can 100% secure your scripts from being stolen.
  12. You can probably write the name of the server on search in your MTA browser to find it. Or contact server owners.
  13. I have done both and definitely MTA scripting is better, as it's well structured unlike PAWN. You will definitely prefer MTA when you try it. It also allows you to import more objects could be custom. It's based on LUA and XML btw.
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