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  1. NO1 say MTA sucks plz it the best GTA MOD so there is only 1 skin who gives a fuck its going to b the best if ya dont like it then dont play it but more ppl like it then ppl that dont
  2. i dont have the time at the min but some1 can do an ASE clan serch to see if thes clan are still active
  3. i did not ask for the date its out just an appprox date
  4. so dose 0.4 got much longer till its out or will it be a long time just wonderd coz its looking good but the prog bar only sayes 80%
  5. have you guys made a VC clip that will be out soon or is this the only one you made the other day when you were testing btw cool no aim bug from wot i could see keep up the good work guys
  6. bump i live in a small town called nuneaton and iv had BB 4 18 months now so how can you not have it in your area only 5% of the uk is not redy to have BB yet but thats just some small villegs in the middel of no where PS good work guys hope it out soon i think MTA team should give them selfs a pat on the back
  7. i think that liberty city is better than vice in size but vc had lots more good point but plz work on both caz me and my m8 think that havin both citys to play on will be cool PS keep up the good work guys R* would be proud of ya
  8. AlCo19


    will the hunter work in 0.4
  9. in 0.4 on manhunt will the fugitive have a different color to the rest of the ppl on the server
  10. good work guys hope it works soon ps MTA is im PC GAMER
  11. you can kill cheaters with a shubby shotgun
  12. Do you work on MTA or just a player the MTA guys are the best. dont get out much coz i cant walk but playin on MTA i have made lots of frend fanks so much carnt walk coz i was in a car crash not coz im to young
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