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  1. See Video : https://streamable.com/njn5ae it crash !!
  2. Its not working right now? When I open it suddenly closed? Fix It Please
  3. Mana 2020 ma post dakh raha hoon jo 2 ya 3 saal purani ha Abhi koi dhak raha ha?
  4. Aslam O Alakun 2020 ma kiya hoon ma or ap log mugh sa 3 4 saal porane Han. Koi ha Jo 2020 ma bhe ho Jo khalta ho??
  5. Actually I am looking for a free hosting of MTA:SA Server in 2020. I know find a lots but all of free hosting website are gone. I know that I am late If someone still know free MTASA server hosting which is working, I will be happy if you tell me.
  6. Hey its me HydraLazy Actually i am coding day and night for a big project and I am alone I need a scripter/developer to work with me... Also need staff team.. Anyone up for that?
  7. Hey guys its me Lazy, Actually I am creating a MTASA Roleplay server with a fully custom script. And I am actually Alone so I need a Scripter/Developer to work with me. No need of a skilled scripter but if you script normally you can join me. And the server will be a huge so I need a Staff team that will have to be active all the time and participates in all problem. [Sorry no sallery for that] If you want to work with me for free you can contect me at discord HydraLazy#7244
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