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  1. Não mudei o nome do meu servidor antes de entrar a top list, gostaria de saber se vocês poderiam me ajudar e mudar o nome do meu servidor. IP: mtasa:// Nome que desejo: '[BCR] ❖ Brasil Conexao Roleplay ❖ | ➠ 『 Vida Real • Lite • Assaltos 』' I didn't change the name of my server before entering the top list, I would like to know if you could help me and change the name of my server. IP: mtasa: // 22003 Name I want: '[BCR] ❖ Brazil Connection Roleplay ❖ | ➠ 『Real Life • Lite • Assaults』 '
  2. function createModelPed() local skin = getElementModel(localPlayer) pX, pY, pZ = getCameraMatrix() peds = createPed(skin, pX, pY, pZ) ped = exports["object_preview"]:createObjectPreview(peds, 0, 0, 175, x*798, y*148, x*313, y*472, false, true, true) end function destroyPed() exports["object_preview"]:destroyObjectPreview(ped) destroyElement(peds) peds = nil end
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