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  1. Ok bro, i'll check it do you have discord? i would like contact you
  2. Hey guys, I would like to know how I can add the name of my server to the scoreboard, besides this, change the colors of the columns and add players to teams when starting a job. I would really appreciate a help. Thanks
  3. Hey, someone knows where can i find a host company to my mta:sa server? I do not want to buy from a reseller, I want to be the reseller but only do it for my server
  4. Hey, im interesed, if you want can message me in discord Sense愛#0274
  5. Hey, how you fixed that bro? i'm having ur same problem function prueba() local thePed = createPed(87, x, y, z, 315) setElementDimension(1) setElementInterior(17) setPedAnimation(thePed, "strip", "strip_E") end addCommandHandler("onResourceStart", prueba)
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