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  1. Hello guys. Im here to help for my friend to get unbanned. Im so bad in english so i wish to apologise for this. My friend want to do some fun i GTA V and he downloaded a simple trainer (https://hu.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav). After he downloaded this :~, he unpack this in GTA V maps. He want to join to this server, and he get banned for this reason: SEEMTA BOT / ANTI AFK / MULTITOOL DEV (https://prnt.sc/tjnc1f). He never want to cheat, or do something like this, bcs he rly like to play in this community. So i hope he have a chance to get unbanned. SERIAL: BE8704CB97D7D5C0FA18A513A84FE794 And we know this is just 30 day, but this server is rly important. Bcs my friend in this server have a Administrator Assignment, and if he dont get unbanned he lose all of this. He never want to do this things in MTA what he get in reason. He have 4-5000 hours played and never get banned.