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  1. -SpArKs-


    ive been meaning to learn php, u no any good places to get started?
  2. ty, and yea i did make it
  3. -SpArKs-


    lol thanks, as for the template i cant take credit for it, it was one i had downloaded along time ago and had been lying around in my downloads folder (if i new the site i got it from id put it up) some of our designers do make wallpapers, just havent put any off them up yet nice sig btw
  4. -SpArKs-


    hey all, i just got my new graphics site up so come by when u have the time and check it out, now taking graphic requests and looking for some sotw judges and designers. thanks, cya around http://www.H-Designz.com
  5. the video says its gona take 1.4 hours
  6. or if u want u can come to http://www.g-effect.com it has more experianced sig designers
  7. uhm if your talking about me and my sigs, i do it all myselft might have used tuts when i started but not anymore, i somtimes cut a picture of a green moster or somthing to spice it up a bit and always try and edit it as much as i can so its not plain ripping. but alot of sig designers do that. as for the site it wasnt made by me. but thanks for the advice, thers always room for improvement
  8. hey all, me and a couple of freinds just got a new graphics forum going so if any1 wants a free sig/baner feel free to drop by. http://s7.invisionfree.com/UnNatural_Designs
  9. this place is good aswell http://www.funnyshit.com http://www.funnyshit.com/swf_28.htm
  10. all my sigs are saved for web, strange when i upload a smaller pic like an avatar it seems to work fine, but when it comes to a sig its all screwed up
  11. use http://www.imageshack.us its the best one ive came across
  12. i tried all the possible types for uploading and all react the same...my only other gues is a virus but im trying not 2 think of that
  13. some sigs i made and some banners (i wont post em all)
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