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  1. Any server ive played on theres been at least 2 people that are cheating enough to ruin the fun of the game... somttimes i have some lag and people will soon say im cheating and ill be kicked from the server... can they patch it so theres NO CHEATS IN MTA 4?
  2. Every server ive played on so far pretty much as cheaters domating like crazy and it kinda makes it not worth playing... are there any servers that dont have cheaters?
  3. yeah i got it figured out finally... thanx guys laterz c u online
  4. Well its been awhile and i got mtavc WOOT but i cant play it because i dont have certain ports open... anyone know what it is? i have windows xp firewall (i think) and i have qwest dsl gateway (not sure if this will be a problem either) Can anyone help me open server/game ports...?
  5. SWEET!! thanx guys c u online i guess laterz
  6. Ok I got gta vc for computer yay!! i have windows xp and i dunno what all i need to dl... can someone help? thanx
  7. lol ima going to buy it tomorrow but i cant play it till i get a new vid card... well i could play it but it prolly wont be as fun but heh oh well
  8. Well thanx guy... im now convinced and will be a playa on mta vc with in the week... laterz
  9. yeah i got dsl so im not worried about lag from me... but iono about others that are on the server with me. and something that would just be pimp would be races... anyone do those? im unstopable! is the control hard with a keyboard and mouse with gta?
  10. lol thanks... it all sounds pimp and all but is there a limit to how many people can access servers? and are there many servers out there? if other people are like on the server with dialup and lag themselfs can they like dissippear and reappear elsewhere? cause that happens on other games and all but just wondering. i guess thats all laterz
  11. Sup yall... new here but ive been reading posts and stuff for the past week or so... Ok i just wanna know if MTA VC is worth getting vice city for computer... I have it for ps2 and love it and all but is it worth getting for computer just for MTA? thanx... Laterz
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