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    Textures problem

    i just dont use this .exe that was comaptibile with samp anymore, reinstalled gta and i;ll play only mta from now on
  2. lero

    Textures problem

    well, i fixed it so i guess topic can be closed
  3. lero

    Textures problem

    okey, but can i somehow install with this gtasa.exe that ive Got now?
  4. lero

    Textures problem

    It's not a problem there. I already have it on maximum. I think it might be because i changed gtasa.exe file to make my samp work properly. Maybe some files are conflicting with this version of exe i changed to?
  5. lero

    Textures problem

    There's another link - https://streamable.com/ltgpho
  6. lero

    Textures problem

    Hello guys, before i start i want to say that i was looking for a solution for few days on a lot of forums but it looks like no one had that before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i4eZ1dXNZI&feature=youtu.be As u can see on the video, it is really weird bug. I've been exploring the map and some of textures are invisible and buildings, houses or skips are in the other places. For example these from SF are in Paleto Bay.