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  1. Thank you. :) I originally made this only for my own project, but I will definitely release it when I feel like it's ready. It's perfectly playable at the moment with only a few minor bugs, but I still have some stuff I want to add.
  2. Thanks! There is simply not enough stuff to make this server-side without causing very noticable lag, and that's assuming you can replicate all the features. It's a pipe dream and I highly doubt you'll be seeing that anytime soon without causing massive lag. Zombies and NPC HLC (really well made and well known server-side scripts) are the biggest example of this. That being said, the peds will still respond to what other players do in your screen. The script's main purpose is to fill the space and make the world feel alive, not to roleplay with 300 other fake players. Another reason I have no plans to even attempt server-side sync is that some players might want to change certain things such as reducing maximum ped count in a certain area, change their spawning radius, despawn radius, chase duration, panic distance, police chance and attitude, gang attitude etc. etc. which can give them a performance boost if their computer can't handle the script. The script is optimised from head to toe but after a point you will feel the performance impact of having so many peds on your screen with their own brains.
  3. Hello everyone. Before anything else, this script works client-side and it will not disrupt the server-side balance and it will NOT cause lag. It's a showcase, download is not available yet but there is a test server you can join. Explanation: This is a script we've been working on. It introduces peds all around the map with custom attitudes of their own. All killed peds will drop some amount of cash, and their weapon if they have one. When you alt tab, the "game" will pause like the single player. The bullets and the peds will freeze. When you alt-tab back on, everything will continue from the last second you left it on. Peds: Peds will be minding their own business and they are not hostile unles provoked. They will react to world events such as someone walking past them, gunshots, explosions, vehicles near them and obstacles. They will put their hands up when threathened and start running or fight back. Some of them will defend when attacked,ome of them will run. Some of them will even defend others from trouble. A few of them have some custom behaviors but I won't spoil that. Most of them will be unarmed but some of them will carry weapons. They prefer melee weapons such as a bat or a knife, but there are some paranoid nutjobs who can't go outside without a gun. Cops: If the police is near, commiting a crime will alert them and your wanted level will increase. As your wanted level goes up, more dangerous cops will start chasing you. You can stay away the police in order to reduce your wanted level, or find bail pickup I put around the map. All of them can be found in their original San Andreas locations, as well ass some I have added to suit the gamemode. That's not all though! If a ped kills another ped, the police will be agressive towards them instead. If a ped punches another, they will respond back. Some of them will defend their friends, some of them will bail etc.- This makes the world feel alive. Military/Swat: They will be introduced when your wanted level is above 4 stars. They will carry more dangerous weapons such as Deagle, M4 and MP5. They will reward you with really good EXP when killed, but they are really challenging. Gangs: In suitable ares, gang members will spawn as groups. They will all carry weapons and they will defend their group when one of them is attacked. Mafia: The mafia will spawn in certain areas, mostly being San Fierro. They are not agressive unless provoked, and they are REALLY dangerous. They will grant good loot and experience if you have the balls to mess with them. There are more features I couldn't show off because I don't want to make the video too long to sit through. Check the description in the video if you want to play-test the script. Have a good one! Screenshots: