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  1. Hi! i was playing top-gta server today,it seems there are some issues about the server hosts,"Network Trouble" i cant join the server though i was using a proxy. so i tried to join the server,i clicked connect button so many times and i got a banned Reason : Trainer please help me with this Thank You! Your serial is: C967483D2E854C59562D9DDD7AA7B8B3 Screenshot: https://pasteboard.co/JioWMeo.png
  2. I'm here to help my friend with his statement, it's been 3 days since he last played MTA, but today when he was about to play MTA with me he found out that he's been banned from Reason Trainer, he's never used any cheat programs and he doesn't know any programming languages, I don't understand why you think he's a cheat developer. His Serial Number:289DA3B689B763B0467C1FC30942C024 https://imgur.com/meQQvhM
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