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  1. First of all thanks for replying I am honored to get an answer straight away from a member of the MTA team and I am greatful for your time to begin with. I actually wrote a reply to this previously but then firefox decided to stop functioning so although it makes much less sense it's shorter... Ok so the way I see it is that there are two different "script variations" that's what I'll call them, now, whether that's a valid statement I don't know, it might not even be a thing but I don't know why it's built like that. Here's the one that the map editor uses "Script Variation" #
  2. Ok so something I've been stuck with for a few years after simply wondering about it for too long is that I am trying to do this specific thing but it never works. My problem is if I make a map inside of MTA and convert it to samp it all works out perfectly but convertffs for me doesn't work the other way round. Maybe it's the spaces within my "map script" I've tried to have no spaces in between each objects and I've tried different amounts of spaces as well which I've replaced with CTRL+F from one to the others but no matter what I can't seem to figure out how to make it function within s
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