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  1. A: 42 Q: Why did I fail to hit the 'Q' key several times when trying to write this question?
  2. A: Don't Do No Dumdums Q: Why hasn't anyone posted here for nearly 2 years?
  3. A: depends on the context Q: HARDCORE GOAT SEX?
  4. A: i'm not really back Q: why would i be back?
  5. A: Yes you are. Q: Have you ever caught a lantern?
  6. A: Not really Q: So what's been going on here?
  7. You still owe vcp a rematch
  8. A: because i tend to get emotional over certain things Q: is that unusual?
  9. thanks all and betty, it's 17, jhxp bumped last years topic
  10. MAD_BOY

    Happy B-Day OLI!

    happy bday bastid
  11. eww, a chocolate got a nokia 6070 myself not some state of the art phone, only got one to call and sms
  12. people simply don't like to watch a sweaty shirtless man in shorts
  13. to me it looks like you're gathering people to make something for you you won't get far here
  14. pwned. how is that "pwned" when my nick clearly states it eh?
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