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  1. When I deleted the line, I received an error that indicated to me that there was no line. So I just reinstalled the mta client to a new one. As it turned out, I used the old modified client. Everything works, the script is just perfect. I don’t understand where you have so much patience to bail out fools like me. Thank)
  2. Thanks more for the comments, all methods have been tried. The result is as follows: [01:50:10] Not starting resource draw-distance as this server version is too low (1.5.4 required) [01:50:10] start: Failed to start resource 'draw-distance' Does this mean that I need to install an older version of the MTA, or is it somehow necessary to update the server? Sorry for my bad english)
  3. if I’m not mistaken, I haven’t changed anything since the moment I downloaded the script ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Hey guys. Please tell me why I can not start the resource? Installed in the folder, loaded, but through the admin panel it is not possible to start.
  5. Thanks a lot guys
  6. Hello everyone. Help, if it’s not difficult for you, please) Is it possible to increase the range of drawing objects added to the server? If so, how? I saw that you can add an object using code, but in which file and how to do it right? I express my gratitude in advance. --- Здравствуйте все. Помогите, если вам не сложно, пожалуйста) Можно ли увеличить диапазон объектов рисования, добавляемых на сервер? Если так, то как? Я видел, что вы можете добавить объект, используя код, но в каком файле и как это сделать правильно? Выражаю благодарность заранее.
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