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  1. .:Note:. {ULK}DeathB = {ULK}DeathBringer (I recommend changing your name so you dont get flamed.)
  2. ya, but its good for MTA and Halo, and UT2k3/2k4 Which are about the only games i play.
  3. i dont mind having a shitty computer as long as i dont lag, lol
  4. im broke, all i need is a sound card and i wont lag no more. i turned all my onboard sound shit down and i am rockin no lag
  5. well i almost nutted my pants when i saw how much it didnt lag. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
  6. really? ill have to try that. Thanks for your feedback i will let you know asap if it worked.
  7. ya know i would join bbut KFC and work got me busy as hell. Good idea tho!
  8. eh how do i upgrade VC to 1.1? Lol, i thought a celeron 2.7/400 fsb would be good enough, but i think i guessed wrong. but i was talking to a few people in the partyserver, and a couple pointed out to me that they have celerons. FKU combat, ULK snowx, KFC sergio(whos celeron runs at an exceptional 1.2 ghz) and KFC villan. FKU combat has no lag whatsoever he told me, he said he gets a good fps and doesnt lag. I fought him at home with my pentium 4 2.0 Ghz, (which runs awesome with MTA) and he didnt lag. The same story with Sergio (who beat me in a footrace with his 1.2 celeron with 256 ra
  9. Also, When TS2, ASE, MTA:VC, and my MTA Client are all running, My cpu usage is at about 43%
  10. well, if anyone has an idea. please post. Also, the install disk for my VC is scratched, so i dont know if that has anythign to do with it. I installed my VC radio and im useing a no cd crack so i dont run off any cd's. also the game runs smooth when like, only 1 or 2 people are near me. say there is a server with 10 people in it, 8 or nine of the people are at like, mex or something, and i am fighthing someone at robber. My game runs smooth, but when those 9 people, plu smyself are at robberspawn, i lag like there is no tomorrow. I am onn a router with a computer that heavily uses bandw
  11. meh, the computer is brand new. I just got it in mid june, and got it on the net near the end of june. So it has only been connected to the net for a short time, i just set it up, then i got it on the net, installed VC and MTA, and it lags like you wouldnt believe. I just cant think of what it is. BTW this was only a 500 dollar purchase from Wal Mart. It is a Compaq Presario, LOL. But I hooked it up with what it should need to play MTA like it should run. MTA isnt a very resource demanding process, nor does it need the best hardware on the market. What I have should be enough to run th
  12. I tried that too... I can't figure it out at all. My draw distance i tried all the way up, down, and in the middle. I tried with my frame limiter on, and off. I tired the lowest possible resolution that my video card will support, and it still lags.
  13. ok, I have a celeron 2.7 GHz, 512 Ram, Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 PCI 128 MB Graphix card, and a Cable internet connection. My PC lag is terrible. It is so horrendous that when I shoot someone, They are up and moving before i can reload my Stubby. Can any Dev's or anybody in general help me with this problem? I also have all the updated drivers for my system, no spyware/adware because I use Adaware and I just formatted. I often run Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup, and I have only Teamspeak running with MTA.
  14. zircon, after having this "tactic" for about 2 weeks, we decided we weren't going to post any part of it until necessary. You said that KFC relies on glitches to win our wars. We then posted a tiny bit of information to prove your hypocracy. You posted the whole stubby glitch, that you mastered yourself. then you pinned it on utopia. so in retaliation we posted the whole defensive tactic. so don't even blame this on us, we did this because it was completely necessary in proving your hypocracy.
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