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  1. I just noticed that I added an image instead of the video:
  2. Version 1.2 Released: Mirror tool This feature enables you to mirror groups or single elements around X, Y or Z axis. It has few options: - Changing distance between mirror and original elements - Ruler which checks distance between 2 surfaces. Might be useful in setting distance between original and mirror elements but also in mapping overall. - Reset position and show / hide green surface which determinates mirror's position - Auto update and update button to see preview of mirrored elements - Enable / disable adding collisions and mirror shader - Model filter whe
  3. Hello, I struggle with a really tough thing. I want to apply shader to a single object and everything would be easy and cool but there is 1 problem. Objects have alpha animation when they are streamed in and when I apply shader to a certain object (engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture with 2nd argument set on "*") it doesn't affect on the object when it isn't fully visible. My shader uses vertex and pixel functions but it doesn't really matter - any shader applied to an object has the same problem. This shader changes object's geometry so it looks stupid when you see the original object (without th
  4. Alright so I installed MTA in virtual machine and it was a mistake. For those who had similar problem - you have to share MTA folder and run it on virtual box instead of installing it there. I copied GTA SA to VM but you can also share GTA SA folder and use this path when MTA will ask. When you run MTA on VM and then you will join on your main system you have to just change your nickaname and everything should work. Thanks for the answer Dutchman.
  5. Hello, I want to run MTA on virtual machine. I suppose joining public servers isn't possible due to serial verification but I'd like to use my local server for script testing. When I try to join on VMware (windows 7/10) I get such error "Disconnected: you have been kicked by AC #4 RESTART MTA". I disabled all AC detectors in conf file. Thanks for any help.
  6. Version 1.1.1 Released: Version 1.1 didn't work for most of people, should be fine now.
  7. Version 1.1 Released: - Added GUI themes PREVIEW - Added Raytrace for 2D selection Raytrace is a new option for 2D (rectangular) selection which selects elements only in your sight of view (skipping elements behind other elements). This option might be much more useful, just keep in mind this method uses 9 (or only 1 if crossing is disabled) characteristic points of each element and it doesn't work perfect in some cases. You can always toggle raytrace in settings (It's called "Raytrace for 2D selection", if it is selected it will be enabled as default) or using a key (which
  8. Thanks, yea my bad I should have named it as REL but it seems like I can't edit it now. Maybe a moderator can do it.
  9. I'm excited to show you my latest tool. This time it is something different than my previous tools. It is a bigger project which came to my mind over 2 years ago. I failed at first time because I had trouble with rotations (built in mta function doesn't work well so I had to use quaternions which caused problems as well). Moreover one of devs was working on new editor and he was going to add multi selection option but he cancelled the project. After 2 years I decided to finally write it and also add few additional features. Many hours spent on the tool, thousands lines of code but here is it.
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