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  1. hehe i liked the tank wars idea or we can have hunter missles war!
  2. so if you say that passengers will be able to shoot so it will be like in SA 4 people drive by every player shooting the other side!!! so it will be like is SA 4 man drive by YAY!!!
  3. Woha you made a great job wanna 50 bucks? lol so.... 60% of the core is not bad hehe i can't wait!
  4. I just wanted to see how much - health i can get so look at this pic: i think i pressed the Slap button about 2000 times!!!
  5. Hehe MAD_BOY i didn't even noticed it by my self up to how much can you slap a player 999? 1000? or it start to be + instead of - ok i am going to see!!! EDIT: i just wanted to see how much - health i can get so look at this pic: i think i pressed the Slap button about 2000 times!!!
  6. lol i was playing VC and the admin started to slap me and he slaped me a lot of times and i was in a car i died and he continued to slap me WTF -20 then -40 then -60 i got -360 WTF ?!!?!?!? really!!! here is the pic: P.S. sorry i checked all my VC dir there is no any pic of the -360 or -80 health sry this is the only one i got: EDIT: i just wanted to see how much - health i can get so look at this pic: i think i pressed the Slap button about 2000 times!!!
  7. seems to me, in the source, you just need to change things like buttons, ect, and make each 1 version for each language, id be hard.....but, thats the way it should be done, other then that, i can see how hard it would be. you are right i just Changed buttos and TExt for each EXE and the admin tool but nvm it is NOT gonna be released beacuse eAi said i Breaked the EULA so ill just delete it that's all you can lock it Locked Damn i can't lock...
  8. Ok i just wanted that mta will be easier to understand to some people But ok ill just delete them, if you will be intrested in translation help to russian or hebrew ill be here to help you of course as you said in the NEXT CORE (That seems to me very.. w00t NICE) ok thanks anyway
  9. i am asking now i didn't released it if MTA don't like it ill delete the files and that's all SO MTA? would you like it? sorry i didn't asked for promission before i translated it ...
  10. i have just made a translation of MTA Client and Admin Tool to russian and hebrew tell me if you are intrested and ill host the files and give u a link P.S. The MTA team will have to help me in 1 small thing, the Admin tool work great BUT the client can't connect beacuse of CRC checks, so the MTA will have to do something with it or there will be just Admin tool tranlation Ok see you around !!!
  11. lol so you like what i did is it useful any way?
  12. Last night i was playing with some friends and we were chainsaw fighting and i was running away from him and i just get in to pay'n'spray i couldn't undrstood how but then i understood here is the pics: if you want a movie ask and i will make one!!! First of all the way to get in: look at this screenie and you will understand: P.S. sorry bout the HUGE screens...
  13. michael196


    HEHEHE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLll i can't relax!!!! boats REVOLUTION NEW CORE OHHHHHHH MYYY GOOOOOD i can't relax NO NO NO NO NO NO AHHH BOATS GUNS STUFFF AHHHH sorry bout the caps - i can't relax!!!
  14. michael196


    GREAT GREAT GERAT i like it i am not crasing an ymore not even once (the only time i crashs is when i respawn as same carrer) and i am NOT NOT NOT Crashing in GTA3 GTA3 is crash free for me!!! little ping problem- but nay way it is ok the admin tool rocks the katana the machate weather time every thing!!! thanks MTA!!!
  15. no i didn't done it it just heppend somehow but it is a nice idea !
  16. yea intresting if it will load a savegame.... but i don't know how to make it again how to make it heppen!
  17. i would tell u howto do it if i will know my self how to do it intresting how itll look in a mission going to try and do it again!
  18. now u see just can't understand how's that heppend
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