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  1. -For 35% off all products use: (expires in 31days) T5C5Z1KMBB https://payhip.com/undrmta
  2. no in Morocco they think Gamemode is called Backup.
  3. ah np thnx The female version is avaible on the store. https://payhip.com/b/dV8H Make sure to use Coupon Code (25%): `LD12RE8L77`
  4. You'll have to model them @turret001can you rename the topic please? remove "Only Models"
  5. You can buy it now here: https://payhip.com/b/9P2t
  6. Simple models that you can use with every gamemode, you need to apply a shader to toggle the visibility of the models. Note: All this models are built in the same skin! Screenshots: https://payhip.com/undrmta -For 10% off all products use: LD12RE8L77 Discord: UndR#0321
  7. `getElementData` will return either 'nil' or 'false' ( not sure about the nil thing ) incase the Element doesn't have the specified data so you need to try something like getElementData(localPlayer, "hunger") or 100
  8. Congrats!! Thanks to everyone who helped making this version possible.
  9. they gave you permission tho to sell it? since it was made for seeMTA
  10. Hello, I'm selling my UCP made from scratch if anyone interrested, it's fully functional, also it's made with bootstrap so it's responsive for all resolutions. Currently it has an application system to join the server, Characters informations and right now i'm working on the Character Creation. Discord: UndR#9999 * More Images:
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