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  1. I seriously don't see the LMW on there bump, ive closed and restarted, you sure its on?
  2. Sorry, but with k00ner i thought it just gave it away. Explain actually, HOW did you get the baggage handler, without cheating?
  3. Even if you did then you would of had to drive it off the roof, WITHOUT flipping, causing a perfect landing in the first try? .. Kfc cheating again??
  4. I need urgent webspace 70mb will do it, i need to upload my movie....
  5. I don't like getting that ftp shit
  6. Just about uploaded now m8, thanks anyway though.
  7. 1. Will punching/unarmed combat be synced ? 2. Will drive be shooting be synced ? 3. Will the hunter weapons, rocket launched/railgun be synced ? 4. Please can you add more skins..? 5. Will the sniper rifle be ingame ?
  8. Ryan, everytime i try that vcsl stuff i get cut off.. No idea why. The movie is uploading to my NTL Broadband webspace.. Didn't know i had any left. I will make a new thread when it is uploaded.
  9. Ok, you should see under start multi theft auto thing, that there is some blank things where in single player would be load game delete game etc. Just click the one which is load game, but you can't see it and you will get the selection of load games to load up.
  10. Hi ive finished making my new themed movie: Torn Apart. It is action packed. Story: An FBI Agent loses his wife and son due to an assassin paying a visit. The FBI Agent (Kape) Thinks it is his mission to get the assassin back, see what happens. I need a 70MB Uploader if anybodys got one, i havn't got any webspace at the moment.
  11. Piss, just load one of your save games into mta.. If it doesn't crash your lucky.. Done it before accidently..
  12. [LcA]NoFear


    Lol guys - VCES>Jedi here, these Gta are such noobs.. You can't play the game without them spoiling it, KOn and Tx are the main ones with Death always pausing (Gta_Death) before db starts.. If you kill Tx or KOn watch out they will make excuses like cheat, lagger, cheat-lagger etc.. Such noobs, just go away Gta.
  13. That mod is shit, the neon looks like shit, the matrix bullets are ok and i saw no difference in the rain.
  14. Ok ok, i was just trying to be nice..
  15. lmfao lmfao @ OLI! Dan is a twat - sometimes.
  16. Thought you wasn't making another one? Nosgoths Final Stunts, gave me that impression.
  17. Cool, THE ALMIGHTY VAN, looking for to seeing you in servers guys.
  18. Oh, if they have blocked it.. Shit.. If any moderators read this can you change my name to VCES>Jedi. Thanks.
  19. You have to do it for atleast 5 seconds for it to count as a wheelie/stoppie.
  20. [LcA]NoFear


    I can't chance my username in the profile. How come? ( I used to be able to )
  21. Useless spam. Seya Hunter never got to meet you but you seem cool.
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