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  1. Please make connect and reconnect easier. Request 1 On the MTA start screen, if a server ip exists in memory, offer a Connect button that goes straight to it without selecting Quick Connect or Server Browser. Request 2 On selecting Quick Connect or Server Browser for the first time don't have a native drop down from the ip. Request 3 On accidental disconnect from server a notice appears that says you have disconnected from server, with an okay button. make a click anywhere on screen close this notice, or better yet put a reconnect button next to it
  2. Can anyone point me to where the MTA Default package Player Name Tag Script Location is please? And taking all recommendations for a replacement community resource for player name tags
  3. Since May 19th a conflict has existed between Multi Theft Auto and FiveM multiplayer. It is my hope it will be resolved. All errors spoken of were evident across multiple machines, with caches cleared, after reboots, on adequately burly gaming PCs with no other issues to speak of. For five years I have run simultaneous multiplayer games on my desktops and VPS servers. Two High end PCs running MTA, and "else" constantly. "Else" has included IVMP, GTAMP, Reborn, JC3MP, Coop, FiveMP, RageMP and Finally FiveM. To name but a few. And never have I encountered a cross client conflict. MTA is and
  4. Can anyone recommend the best place to buy San Andreas? I am allergic to Steam, and will never purchase there, nor use their claustrophobic cult client. Does this version work for MTA? Will it require Rockstar Launcher? https://www.rockstarwarehouse.com/store/rsg/en_US/pd/productID.5279811500 Does anyone know another reliable source? Is it still available for free anywhere, and working with MTA?
  5. Freezes, Appeals Ignored. MTA is dead now. Why has thou forsaken us!?!?! What has happened, why is it suddenly doing this? This worked for 5 years, now suddenly doesn't
  6. Both my computers join a server now.... I have no specific solution at this time. I installed a 3 month old MTA client, it failed to act differently. I installed an 8 month old client it insisted on updating and did nothing different. My i7 remained joined to a server and after a quit rejoined!! My i3 would not. I copied the MTA client folder from the i7 whch was working, to the i3 which was not, and now it logs in despite doing that exact same thing the night before. Both client join and rejoin, and I have no idea why, except MTA systems were causing this problem, and they
  7. confirmed. What doesn't fix this: 1) Reinstalling MTA 2) Reinstalling GTASA 3) Reinstalling Windows 4) Using a different Computer What slightly fixes this: 1) Reboot your computer, and as fast as you can start MTA and join a server. (It will eventually freeze MTA or crash.) This error is new since the last update of MTA around a few weeks ago. We have to wait for @ccw or @Dutchman101 to fix it. It is not caused by the server, it occurs on all servers. It does not effect other players on any server I have seen. Though
  8. If I reboot then start MTA first thing, it joins then freezes. If I spectate the Frozen Player is locks up the spectating client, which is on an i7-4790 14GB GTX 760 2GB. And immediately after, the i7 client now won't join at all. Just like the other computer it tries to join, it freezes. There have been no changes to either computer in months, both which idle mta 24/7 for several years. The VPS CentOS Latest build is unchanged since a rebuild one month ago. Except httpd, i just today added mod_rewrite. No other changes. top - 14:56:10 up 2:41, 1 user, load average: 0.18, 0.18,
  9. A Fresh Download and Reinstall of MTA does not solve this problem. It loads a server list, but does not see a local server on a separate machine, as usual. Windows 8.1 MTA has worked near perfectly everyday for 5 years. Never seen this one before. CONNECTING Entering the game... (Not Responding) HELP!!
  10. Client Froze while spectating. Tried to rejoin, could not, could not, froze every time on Connecting to Server. Rebooted, same thing. Cant Join any Server. Please help http://www.sports4tech.com/mta/logs.zip I've played MTA daily for years, never once had a problem. I Run FiveM simultaneously on the same machine, without any current issue. And do the same from a second machine, also no issue.
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