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  1. Hello I got banned by mta for VEHICLE COLLISION MOD Serial is D4FD1E579461A7E8D22E38F9A7F38E13 I dont want to lie, yes I used no collision veh model but that was 1-2 moths ago I still got this vehicles in my gta3.img but im not even playing mta sa beacuse I dont have for this I know its only 1 day but I need to done my server for 7 days
  2. Using vertex shader
  3. Liberty.


    Its possible to replace ped animation? my code: engineReplaceAnimation(ped, "ped", "weapon_crouch", "custom_animations" .. startTick, "Sit_relaxed") engineReplaceAnimation(localPlayer, "ped", "weapon_crouch", "custom_animations" .. startTick, "Sit_relaxed") for me working, for ped no