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  1. How i can fix aexec command only use for admins moderators and others?
  2. maybe you need look this remake is for gta sa no its full but you can use skins and other... http://www.biohazardalert.com/board/index.php?topic=50.msg1192 http://www.gtarevolution.net/public/index.php?topic=24574.0;prev_next=prev#new Pages in spanish but you need the remake not lenguaje.. maybe all you need or maybe not..
  3. Why my "Server" a lot of Network Trouble and all Quit The Game [Timed Out] my server put Network Trouble to all, all time why?
  4. How i can create a script, you drop your money when you die? I need for server When gonna release map editor? I see Videos youtube of new map editor How i can put weapons around the map? I need for server How i can sell Houses of Gta map? I need for server You can help me? I are Newbie in scripts (maybe i dont know of scripts) i dont understand much help me please Thx to all help me ---------------------- ------------------------------- -------------------------------- ---------------- Edit: Reason I have more cuestion and i dont spam more Spanish: Si alguien que hable es
  5. me problem is i cant see me server in list I think the problem is in gamemonitor i try to add server and ip failed and dont know what happens or if not is of portforward
  6. so sorry me bad english i no are good for english agghhhh i speak spanish can help me with my server - I could see if any error?
  7. Edited because bad english jajjajjaja
  8. no i need help because i can enter to me server and others no and need help because i cant see me server on the borwser list
  9. look this is me mtaserver.conf and this is me MTA console
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