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  1. client local window1 = guiCreateWindow(0.22, 0.22, 0.57, 0.61, "bla", true) guiWindowSetSizable(window1, false) guiSetVisible(window1,false) local button1 = guiCreateButton(0.03, 0.83, 0.94, 0.15, "123", true, window1) local text1 = guiCreateLabel(0.03, 0.07, 0.94, 0.75, "321", true, window1) guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(text1, "center", false) addEvent("showGUI",true) addEventHandler("showGUI",getRootElement(), function () if ( guiGetVisible(window1) == false ) then guiSetVisible(window1,true) showCursor(true) end end) local function guzik() guiSetVi
  2. hello i found on internet that script that makes your vehicle more damage proof but when i start this script my tires wont pops out so how i can add or delete sth to be able to shoot and flat tire? local weapon_table = { -- model, id [30] = { [422]=10, --Bobcat [596]=9, --PoliceLS }, } function getElementSpeed(theElement, unit) -- Check arguments for errors assert(isElement(theElement), "Bad argument 1 @ getElementSpeed (element expected, got " .. type(theElement) .. ")") local elementType = getElementType(theElement) assert(elementType == "player" or elementT
  3. what are you talking about i have panel in panel in panel and then in this panel is panel xd
  4. if I remember correctly this is an old gamemode 0.5 in which there was no m4 / ak split ammunition only as assalut ammo I think it is https://www.moddb.com/mods/mtadayz/downloads/server-files-056-stable http://dayzsa.comunidades.net/mta-dayz-055-full-version
  5. i dont think you can delete this bars, but you can change resolution of crosshair.png and you shloud get nice crosshair
  6. but text scale is not a problem, the problem is that I'm 15 meters away from my opponent and he shows me 2031
  7. Hello i want to do script that when player aim, you will see player nick and distance between you and player that you aiming at ( sorry for english ) i did something like this if playerTarget then local x,y,z = getElementPosition(playerTarget) local x,y,distance = getScreenFromWorldPosition (x,y,z+0.5) distance = 30 if getElementData(playerTarget,"bandit") then text = string.gsub(getPlayerName(playerTarget), '#%x%x%x%x%x%x', '' ) else text = string.gsub(getPlayerName(playerTarget), '#%x%x%x%x%x%x', '' ) end local w = dxGetTextWidth(text,distance*0.033,"default-bold") i
  8. I have a question, how can I make a script in which I create a vehicle for a command, and if someone takes it from me, then I type this command and he returns to my cords x / y / z, I hope you understand, I just have one vehicle someone will take it from me then I will enter the command and the vehicle is taken from them and he comes back to me i hope you understand sorry for bad english
  9. I not sure why i need getPedOccupiedVehicle look on video repairing car look like that : and i want just to have oportunity to stop it ( SORRY FOR ENGLISH :V ) and the thing i want to do is when i have this animation i want to have text on chat to stop repair press K and when im pressing K my ped is stoping repairing. https://streamable.com/a4eosn
  10. addEventHandler("repairVehicle", root, function(veh) if repairTimer[veh] then triggerClientEvent(source, "displayClientInfo", source, getVehicleName(veh).." is already in repair!", 255, 22, 0) return; end repairTimer[veh] = setTimer(fixDayZVehicle, (1000-(math.floor(getElementHealth(veh))))*120, 1, veh, source); setElementFrozen(veh, true); setElementFrozen(source, true); setPedWeaponSlot(source, 0); setElementData(veh, "repairer", source); setElementData(source, "repairingvehicle", veh); setElementData(source, "repairvehicle", true); setPedAnimation(source, "SCRATCHING", "sclng_r", n
  11. XD Dandi co biznesmen
  12. o i got it thanks for help man if soemone wanna now how this is it : function stopDrown () skin = getPedSkin(localPlayer) if skin == 200 then cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerDamage", getLocalPlayer(), stopDrown )
  13. No there is no erros as i said that script is working on freeroam/play but on dayz isn't when i was searching getPedOxygenLevel there is 0 hits but when i was searching isElementInWater was 1 hit with that addEventHandler("onPlayerRefillWaterBottle", root, function(itemName) if isElementInWater(source) then if getElementData(source,itemName)<=0 then return end setElementData(source, "Water Bottle", getElementData(source, "Water Bottle") + 1); setElementData(source, itemName, getElementData(source, itemName) - 1); triggerClientEvent(source, "displayClientInfo"
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