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  1. Lol Drug is still around and there's still a fair few of us in R, sorta got quiet after we beat every clan in Oz tho .
  2. All I heard was 'PS2 ONLY' for about a year so I'm very to hear that they've announced the inevitable, they obviously realised the pc market is too good to pass up for this game.
  3. At the moment the game is so unsynched I've yet to see someone drive a car with a passenger toward the water, hop out at the last minute and actually drown the passenger. The car that went into the water reappears just short of the water with the person you tried to kill in it .
  4. laugh... Pausing is cheating lamer.. expect a kick.. partyserver is the best adminned server in the community and if it's abused you can complain and have that admin lose his rights.. click my sig Perhaps you should learn to read, I don't pause nor implicated in my post that I pause. I've seen your clan members pause on the ground and pause when they run out of ammo so don't start with me plz. I did say I have been kicked for someone missing me whilst I was on the ground. Happy to say that wasn't on a KFC controlled server. I'm just sick of clans making up exuses for being crap on there own servers and kicking people.
  5. I've been kicked from the UA server for crashing, riding a bike and my favourite of all...not spawning robber, as it was camped by 4 members very hard. I've played on most of the major american clan servers and I've even been even kicked for stealing a clan members car, which was running me over with nos. In my opinion ULK, UA and KFC are the worst server nazis the community, I don't even friggen pause to type and you get kicked if they miss you...
  6. lmao I tried google but I used the wrong keywords, sort of. I never thought this was a google type question but anyhoo I wasn't really looking for a randomiser, I wanted a shuffler, so it's always random.
  7. Yeah I've been playing GTA 3 MTA, that's pretty good, I was hosting a server for it the other day but It's just missing something. I still can't get past MTA: VC even if it crashes a lot it's still not as laggy as its GTA 3 counterpart. The gameplay in VC is so much better and the game doesn't revolve around whos been in game longest. I didn't realise GTA 3 MTA was brand new, if so good job.
  8. I feel exactly the same lara and yes I agree it has nothing to do with what computer people have because mine is pretty much perfect and I'm crashing really for the first time ever. Only times I crashed in 0.3.2 were if someone deleted a building or if i paused too long. These crashes are a big issue, as well as lag. I actually preffered 0.4 because the character select was better (I'll kill whoever whinged about it ), spawn camping, despite the fact spawning is slightly random, wasn't as big an issue, and because of my excellent net connection I got smoother gameplay. Anyway 0.4.1 is here, you tell us it's better but I'm crashing just as much, sure people modding may be a factor especially in the heavily modded servers local servers I play in but robber wars are a big thing. I think the M-60 is a bit of a joke but I have fought as Mex as well because it's a long drive from Phil's Place if the action is near the airport and I've found that crashes just as much when there's lots of people about. I just hope there is a fix for it in .2 but 0.4.1 is still a very good version IMO so thankyou.
  9. I was just wondering if anyone has found a program for shuffling the mp3 files for the mp3 player in vc. With the latest robber spawn crash problem I've found that I'm on hearing a few songs before the inevitable crash so I'm sorta getting sick of Audioslave and Bush because it's in alpabetical order. I very rarely get up to Metallica and Nirvana . Anyhoo if anyone has such a program, I believe it would be fairly small in size, could you alert me of its existance. Thx.
  10. Every clan has a big ego when it comes to admining their servers. I was playing in a server which ULK had control of the other day. I had to go on msn for a while and when spawned back in as robber I crashed. Unfortunately for me there was a small spawn war going on, 2 of the clans members had it camped...they thought I was pausing, so I was just kicked even though I explained I crashed. Annoying part was I had the highest score on the server and I don't even live in America.
  11. Okay, I have a problem with cheaters. They are in the Australain servers I get the best pings in and its really starting to annoy me. I don't mind flying cars and fire engines but when opponents are invincible and have infinite ammo and all guns you really don't have a chance. My latest problem is with someone teleporting an invincible hunter from spawn point to spawn point and anywhere on the map instantly. The admins are nowhere to be found so I was wondering if there is some way I can get them totally banned from MTA. I have screenshots of the apache guy and other obvious cheats but its hard to get a screenshot that proves that the invincible guys with infinite ammo spas are cheaters. Is there somewhere I can send the screenshots? I'm not sure how to put them in my post otherwise I'd give you an example. Please help...
  12. I always thought the hunters weapons damaged vehicles...but anyway. Had a nasty experience with the hunter the other day....someone decided to go around with it and park in spawn buildings. Biggest cheater ever. Yesterday I saw a flying fire truck destroy 4 helicopters so even if all helis had guns that damaged they wouldn't be invincible. Still not a good idea though considering how well even a noob can handle a helicopter.
  13. Finally someone understands....unlimited cable internet isn't cheap in Australia. Most of you guys seem to think that I'm a tight arse or I WANT to have a download limit. Thanks for your help anyway...just hope downloading a bandwith measurer doesn't push me over the limit .
  14. It's 3 GB a month so I better check how far throught it I am. Thanks for your help and comforting me about the idea of me being addicted. I'm really hooked on this game...I'd proberly go for unlimited dowloads if I thought my current limit would stop me playing!
  15. One day they might have civilian driven cars on the road that don't disappear and pedestrians walking around. It would make people lag a bit though so I can't see that happening soon. Yeah they do need more cars and bikes in the game.
  16. I have been playing MTA a lot recently on Optus cable with a 3gb dl limit. Am I gonna get a fat bill at the end of the month becuase I went over the limit? I only ask this beacuse of a post I saw where someone asked if people could afford to play MTA much beacuse you have to download a lot of Mb while you play every hour. I'm scared....I just hoped I haven't played it too much. I'm guessing i've played more than 20 hours in the last week (no wise guy stuff about me being addicted plz).
  17. Once there was a guy playing who had pretty much every cheat on going around killing everyone so my friend decided to take him on (and put on his own impressive set of cheats) and it was the coolest things I've ever seen in a game. They both were invunerable had all weapons, infinite ammo, the speed cheat, they could fly and walk through walls. It was like watching something out of the Matrix! Some cheaters use their powers sparingly for fun and others use them for evil. Everyone is so paranoid of cheaters and server admins never seem to be there so until its stopped completely justice will never be served to playes that don't have cheats and to players who are accussed of cheating becuase of lag or skill.
  18. Thought so...lets just hope they're put into the game. Oh well, mentioning the same ideas over and over can't hurt the chances of them being used .
  19. I persoanlly think this idea would suck. A gang clan could hold the server to ransom this way and anybody entering the game would be maimed at spawnpoints until they left. Imagine 5 or more clan members with flamethrowers or minigunns terroising the map all day. I just don't think this idea could work because the game has no set start or finish so the people in the game the longest would have the biggest advantage. Maybe buying weapons from npc's could be implemented but I'm sure that idea has been covered.
  20. I have couple of suggestions for MTA but I guess they've already been thought of or someone else will take credit for them... There needs to be more cars. I don't have the spawn cheat so if I spawn at Prawn Island for example there are often no cars and you have to walk to the nearest vehicle or ask for a lift. If you're driving around at high speeds and you stack your car its often a long walk to the nearest vehicle. Also when you think you'll get a car at a usual place someone has already taken it and discarded it on the other side of the map so you don't have a ride . There definately needs to be more motor bikes, at spawn points and the airport in particular would be good places. One more thing....that cheap damn helicopter rotor blade instant death needs to be nerfed because its being abused by noobs who don't have the talent to aim and fire a gun .
  21. I just got got the latest version MTA working on my computer with the help of ASE. I never thought I'd get it working becuase I'm a bit untalented with computers but the guides and manuals got me through . MTA is one of the first multiplayer interent games I've played and I am so far very impressed. Sure the cheaters in some servers crash the game a lot but I don't think that is the fault of the creators of MTA. Although not as polished as War 3 Battlenet for expample I am amazed by the amount of enjoyment I've gotten from this game mod. Spawn point wars and PCJ races along the main road are some of my happiest moments playing any game and I can't get enough of the game. It is a bit glitchy and lag is a big problem but for a private venture is mod is excellent. So much enjoyment from such a small package! Seeming as MTA is only in its beta versions I can only see the mod getting better and more reliable in the future as new versions are released and I look forward to the day when everything there are full character animations and the city is full of people and vehicles ready to kill and destroy .
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