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  1. Cassè


    Yes, this can help me. Thanks.
  2. Cassè


    How can i make better gridlist's looks.
  3. Cassè

    [HELP] GridList

    Türk müsün merak ettim. İşe yaradı bu arada, yardımın için teşekkürler. if you didn't understand text above, just forget it. Thanks for your help. It worked.
  4. Cassè

    [HELP] GridList

    I'm gonna explain different way. Think a grid list with filled by players. When a player dies, that player will be removed from gridlist automatically.
  5. Cassè

    [HELP] GridList

    I won't select the item. I will remove item from gridlist without select.
  6. Cassè

    [HELP] GridList

    I want to get an item from gridlist with item text. Can someone help me?