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  1. Cassè


    There is an example code? Thx for helping btw.
  2. Cassè


    What am i supposed to do with this link? What am i gonna do after convert the video with base64? I know i'm asking a lot of questions, but i really don't know about playing videos.
  3. Cassè


    Can i play a video without loading url to browser?
  4. How to drawing images at the same coordinates on different screen resolutions?
  5. Cassè


    Yes, this can help me. Thanks.
  6. How can i make better gridlist's looks.
  7. Türk müsün merak ettim. İşe yaradı bu arada, yardımın için teşekkürler. if you didn't understand text above, just forget it. Thanks for your help. It worked.
  8. I'm gonna explain different way. Think a grid list with filled by players. When a player dies, that player will be removed from gridlist automatically.
  9. I won't select the item. I will remove item from gridlist without select.
  10. I want to get an item from gridlist with item text. Can someone help me?
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