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  1. I've got to say, i didn't buy it.Now get from that what you want But on the first time it worked.And on another PC it worked.But when i tryed to re-istall on the 1st pc,that happens.What's fubared, and i don't get what you mean by delecting the subdir. And distopya, acn you explain better what did you have done? I have the WinMe. I was thinkin if you guys who have the "real" setup can send it to me, for trying.
  2. Hi. i recently unistall vice city and install it a again, but i can't, cuz the setups reachs until the middle of the bar, and then asks me about data3.cab.I put the 2 cd, and then it asks me about the data4.cab in the disk 0(yes i don't put it wrong disk 0). So i've searched the disks for a data4.cab.Nothing.Then i delete all files in temp folder and the registry key of vice city.Nothing.And then i've created a data4.cab in the C:\ folder.Now that's the weird part.It asks me about it, i put the place whre's it is, and it acepts, but aasks me about data5.cab.I rename it.It works again.But now
  3. ok, this may be stupid, but my pc just keeps crashing.First 2 usages i've been killed and then the pc loks.And on the third, the pc bloked while i was on a car.I guess it could happen becuase of incredimail, or opther program.Maybe.I don't know. can you guys help me?
  4. but leaves space on disk ocuppied for nothing!
  5. My dad's doesn't that.He thinks that, if he deletes the Folder of the program, then it's unistalled
  6. Off topic, but your sign, you take from the lirics of gangster paradise of the Coolio, didn't you?
  7. no, he doesn't allow it,because i've already blow up a pc, and had 150 bucks of repair .He thinked that was because of games, but i think it was a virus... BTW i don't need any help now.I've found the pass of my dad... thank you all...
  8. Look, i've already pass this game 2 times in my PS2, it's not the question of the violence of the game, it's the question of my dad's pc is better than my, and it has the broadband net.Only that...
  9. sorry from being such an idiot, but i don't have the acess to his acount, it has a password, and the folder who have the short cuts that he see in the start folder, it's unecessible! Sorry againi'm wasting your time, but a really want to try the MTA
  10. Byt then again, my dad's sees the programs shortcut on the start menu
  11. really?thanks but, and the start menu?it seems that the games shortcut is always there.
  12. It's like this, i'm trying to install vice without my parents notice. I have the Win XP home, and my dad's have an acount, and i have other, so how can imake sure he doesn't find out the game?He has a password on his acount. BTW, does that option on installing vice city only for my user works? Really Thanks...
  13. Why don't you guys from MTA don't create a server for the ones who have the real GTA mod, and then only the guys who have the Real GTA mod could enter. I mean a sever for certain mods, like run and fire mods, and stuff like that.it's just a idea
  14. hummm.... i don't think that works, cuz the cops could get tired of trying to get more wepons, so i think they should have the regular veichles, but not the army ones.Only if it is really needed.
  15. I don't get it. How the veiclhe system works?you got spawn points?i thought that cars were driving normally, like the normal game, and there are only spaw points? I have seen a map, and there aren't very locations for finding veiclhes.Is this right!? Thanks
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