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  1. Hello, i have some exp in writing survival servers, what exactly you want?
  2. Hello, If you are still searching for scripter I can work Contact me: email: k_savino@mail.ru discord: kr1s_#2803
  3. kr1s

    MTA Server Bug

    Hi everyone. After new update i got a bug on my MTA server. It wasnt there before. I try to load old version of my server and again got this bug. Log file: [2020-07-20 18:54:43] JOIN: thenwea1 joined the game (IP: [2020-07-20 18:55:16] DIAGNOSTIC: thenwea1 #1013 HTTP server file mismatch (sfs_weapons) rocket launcher.png [Got size:55 MD5:8D90FFA9DF5843E27FB4BCEFC1253555, wanted MD5:6D7FBD013DEDBC19A8E073B11F08E211] [2020-07-20 18:55:16] DIAGNOSTIC: thenwea1 #1013 HTTP server file mismatch (sfs_weapons) combat shotgun.png [Got size:55 MD5:8D90FFA9DF5843E27FB4BCEFC1
  4. kr1s

    Effects fxp

    Hello there, I want to replace explosion effect by Lua script on my MTA server. I have a new files: effectsPC.txd, particle.txd and effects.fxp. I have a problem with replacing effects.fxp. if there is another way to change the effect of the explosion I agree
  5. How do you do that man?
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