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  1. Okay, I got it. At the moment, just being able to enjoy the map would be an advance, but I am having trouble learning to work with MTA, little by little. Now I am trying to figure out how to send the map to MTA.
  2. Perfect, I love reading that. So in theory I just have to transfer the map to MTA. I have been modifying GTA's for 9 years I do everything for solitaire mode, I know the guts of this game, but in MTA I do not have enough experience, I will see a tutorial to send the map. He looks really fantastic, much better than in the video, I have also been adding things, which I do not know if they could be seen online, but having the map online would be a great start. Thank you very much for answering and giving me some light on this project. Greetings. (Maybe I need your help to put it online! I would be eternally grateful to you)
  3. Hello, my name is Ismael and I am from Spain, I have read the rules but maybe I do not understand something due to the language, if I am wrong I am sorry. First of all I wanted to congratulate everyone who makes MTA possible, thank you. On the other hand, I wanted to ask a question. I have a couple of GTA's with the modified map and I would like to use it to play online with my friends. No cheating, no trolling, no such nonsense. We only want a Server to be able to play with my Modified GTA, this is GTA Far West, this GTA contains the map of the setting of the Wild West, we just want to kill ourselves by shooting. Would this be possible in MTA? If necessary, the private server would be set. I said, I don't want to cheat or screw anything, I just want to shoot myself on a map of the Wild West. If you want, I can pass the game on to you, it's not mine, it's from another user, but I don't want to take advantage of anything foreign, just shoot myself with my friends on a map of the Wild West. Would it be so difficult to bring this to Online? Thanks a lot for everything, kind regards.