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    iv just received the same message, only the numbers and letters change when i reset game path.
  2. yea ok il play, but vass kinda made me laugh how he signed me up wen i didnt actually know he had. Don-Capo told me it was on Wdnesday 10pm, i will do my best to be there, but im kinda busy nowadays and i if i dont turn up (highly dalt it) then make it as Afros win Looking 4ward to the tournie lets make it a guddun
  3. What have i missed over the last month or 2? Been away had other thiongs to do than MTA.
  4. who knows what BLUE might bring. Admins may even be able to choose if shottguns are allowed or not
  5. very common on washington beach
  6. obviously gta will win this vote, San Andreas is GTA, MTA is gta, kinda same really . But both titles will be in top 10 games off year imo.
  7. whos up for do a sa 1???? lmao u must have loads of time to do allllllllllll of san andreas nice map btw
  8. TmM_Ryan

    flash site

    nice site but did u register @ thsi forum just to show us that? posts: 1
  9. lmao, now i kinda feel sorry 4 him....... lol getting flamed and everything:P But i still ent guna sign up
  10. TmM have got yet another website: http://www.tmm-clan.co.uk and its damn good
  11. TmM_Ryan

    big lag

    stop any p2p programs you have on, maybe even reboot ur system see if that helps. if problem occurs, scan for viruses and trojans. if stil problem, worry.
  12. y not exit the game if ur guna take a dump....... doesnt take too long to get back up wit weapons etc
  13. Its becz as it is a popular video and so large, it takes up a hell of a lota bandwith . Try again later like it sez. Its hsu be fixed soon, def for next month wen the bandwith count is restarted, but im sure u dont wana count that long. Sorry Gangwarz is only hosted on tga thanks to there free and friendly service.
  14. actually m8 uv got a point there . But its a shame not every1s guna see this topice, ther4 knowing not to giv them attention
  15. like nos sed really, a 26 man server will be inteeresting, but will dj mills update it?
  16. did u checl the site, most liekly to be there m8. I widnt mind knowing wen its out either.
  17. hmmmmmmm, why not put a few ramps upon the roofjump ramps, see what placed pepl can get to. /me will edit this post when he finds a decent spot
  18. yea were still be arounf for clan wars. /me looks 4ward to blue.
  19. omg! can i spectate the gangwar to this?
  20. lol dj, u got a point there m8. no offence, americans, its ture.
  21. wats rong wit the links . hehe, i put it on becz i thougth it was soooo funny.
  22. hmmmmm, i think thats kinda unliekly to be founf/created. 100% yet starting from beginning....... hmmmmmmm dalt it
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