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  1. Its proberly your ip range.
  2. i really like those ideas i think the one where i see what weapon was used would be great
  3. lets hope the add that in gta:san andreas
  4. it would be great but i think the devs need to work on the basics e.g.more animations etc...
  5. heres the place (thx [KFC]KindergartenCop villagephotos is usless)
  6. ive got a screenshot but how do i post it on the forum?
  7. its the one east of the golf club just as you go off the bridge its on the left it has a helipad u cant miss it
  8. I thought about what Cerbera said so i decided to go for a look around and saw Mercedes house so i thought to myself PERFECT! (it also has a great view of the city )
  9. Allies: None Enemies: Everyone
  10. Ive thought about what you said so i have decided to change it to mercedes's house you know the 1 near the golf course. Thx
  11. I want the {M}'s (Montana Gang) HQ to be the Malibu club please.
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