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  1. I actually agree with PE (hi PE btw ) I used to play 0.3 a lot on Iyon's server, but the crashes and jerkiness became too much. So I stopped for a while. I saw the preview videos of 0.4 and I thought the smoothness would be there, but apparently not. And my game lags more than ever. In standard VC I run 1024x768x32 and I get very high frame rates, and in MTA when it's raining I get about 3fps. I had great expectations of MTA 0.4, but it wasn't all I hoped for. I can only hope some more of the problems are addressed soon. P.S. I do understand that it's all done by memory hacking, and I also understand that the developers aren't being paid.
  2. Also, disable error logging and it won't take so long to unfreeze
  3. [nC]Teaboy


    Sorry if it's been suggested, but how about a bases mode? Have different bases like the malibu, the mansion, the ice cream place, etc... and each character can take over bases, then you can go and take over other peoples bases etc. Say for example you have 3 pink ring thingies (like in the pizza place) that you stand in to take over the building Sorry if I didn't explain it well, it's 5:30am... need sleep
  4. Yes the drive People can burn a copy of the CD and get a new serial number, so that would be a crap idea. I mean something like hdd0 or something. That way it would always be the same. Perhaps registering an account on MTAVC.com so give us an ID that is unique to our drive serial that can only be used once, then we log in with this to get onto servers It's a bit like the steam/won network, only you can _only_ use your account on your computer, and it if gets banned - tough
  5. Oh, and the hash could be worked out by hashing the serial + a random hash generated by the server.
  6. How about generating something like an MD5 hash of their serial number from a CD-ROM or Hard Drive or something. Then use this hash when connecting to the MTA server, so that if a known hacker gets his hash banned them he can be on some sort of global MTA blacklist, or even just can't reconnect to the same server with a spoofed IP. Of course the only way to get off the blacklist would be to install a new hard drive. Comments
  7. GTA should have some sort of CD Key checking system, but it should not require the CD to run it. I hate wearing out my CD-ROM for no reason, and I hate having to have all my games on my desk ready to put in the CD-ROM. My Half-Life CD has been used twice - and I play Counter Strike every day. So my point is - piracy is wrong yes, but nocd cracks are not.
  8. GTaT replaces your main.scm - which causes the crashes.
  9. I got an error every time (Unable to start admin - or something) But then I downloaded the config tool, used that and admin was fine
  10. I have a RedHat 7.3 box that does not include libstdc++.so.5. Even running... up2date libstdc++ Does not help, so I'm using my windows box. Can someone please recompile the source on an older distribution?
  11. The question was: anyone know a FREE ALTERNATIVE to Fraps Free alternative meaning a different program, that is free; i.e. freeware. I did NOT ask for warez. I was suprised to see it closed twice.
  12. LANs aren't fast enough to see things smoothly. I played with 3 machines, one being dedi and the other connecting. We both had a 1ms ping, and there was still a big lag while being a passenger.
  13. [nC]Teaboy


    From Dice City official website.
  14. I know that, that's why I mentioned it but fair enough, bad wording.
  15. Nevermind, I just found VC CD2, I lost it before so I couldn't run the installation fully. But anyway, a reinstall made everything OK!
  16. As the topic subject says ^^ Anyone know a free alternative to Fraps?
  17. pretty funny though eh? Always seems to be a chef tho o_O
  18. Sorry if this has already been mentioned - I didn't read through all of the posts. Anyway, my idea is to have 3 modes - 1: Free-for-all Deathmatch 2: Stuntmode 3: Games mode the game modes should be on-the-fly; ie. and admin can change game mode while the game is running. These will consist of checkpoint race, capture the flag, etc. Secondly - I think that insane stunt bonuses should be in _ALL_ modes! Crappy idea?
  19. Anyone got this? While in stunt mode, sometimes all players in the game seem to freeze, and an extra chef randomly comes running past - he'll keep running and running until he hits a wall, then he'll turn around and run in the opposite direction. It's really weird, but funny as hell [screenies]
  20. [edit] Does the net code currently interpolate packets of data? [/edit] I'm sure this would help the laggyness of cars, etc. when you're a passenger. Look up the Half-Life engine's ex_interp, this'll give you some ideas [edit] for people who have no idea what i'm on about... i.e. - do not receive all frames. For example, if you recieve A x C D x E where the x's are not received - it will jump from A to C giving a jumpyness, whereas if you guess that if it's between A and C it must be B, you'll get A B C even though you only received A x C. forgive me if this is badly explained [/edit]
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    Not voice chat, but a function like /teammsg or whatever, would go to your team, instead of /msg nick1 blah, /msg nick2 blah.... etc. That would be good
  22. I played MTA for a couple of nights and it totally owned, but because of the bugs in it, I downloaded GTAt (what a n00b) and it overwrote my main.scm without creating a backup. It's shit and doesn't work, and now my MTA crashes all the time and I can't play single player mode. Could someone be so kind as to send me their main.scm? thanks btw - MTA really kicks ass. Keep up the good work.
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