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  1. LordQuas

    Problem With Nightly

    installing newest directx and visual c++ runtimes solve this problem, thanks
  2. same problem with today nightly, can some one solve this bug,problem,etc ?
  3. Try moving it to some other folder instead of deleting though, if it doesn't solve it, I guess you don't want to lose your settings. I tryed it too, still nothing
  4. i have installed directx (march 2009) and still nothing, i think it is some kind of bug in new nightly's
  5. yes, I dowloaded newest data files and resources and still nothing
  6. on my computer r627 is working fine, but when I install r638 or r640 and when im trying to run MTA exec it shows splash screen and nothing more, or when i'm launching mta server exec it says that it can't launch deathmatch.dll because it's not configured. What's going on?
  7. yeah right, this is a 150% joke
  8. LordQuas

    cegui question

    nightly bulids of mta 1.0 include 0.4.0 version of CEgui, can I replace it for a 0.6.2b version with any problems ? or maybe some new gui engine is coming?
  9. great news, now I'm waiting for final release of 1.0
  10. try delete gta_sa.set file in your documents\GTA San Andreas User Files
  11. I can't login on my community account, MTA says "this account is used now" or something like that so I can't host any games with MTA and newest nightly bulid can't see any resources, xml's and lua scripts, what's wrong ?
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