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  1. hmm some scripts works now... like !buybomb then it responds with.. PM from Admin: Error, Not at AmmuNation and !admins it say but !wanted , !skins ... and all those commands doesn't work
  2. hmm still have the same problem with the commands.. no commands work
  3. Raideno


    is there any anti exploit panel thing? that stop ppl from using the panel.. i play on servers and then suddenly someone spawn everyone in same location all cars and ppl are up in the air and fall down the water ... and it lags like hell and a guy said there was someone using a exploit panel to do it.. and is there any fix for it, that make ppl unavaible to use it?
  4. ah it loaded now.. but !money or any other command does not work..
  5. wont work for me.. I got the cop&robber script in mirc and I open the Multi theft auto mirc admin tool and then i take on load and then choose the rpg.ini and then i connect to server and i type !on .. won't work
  6. hmm how do I install the Cops&Robbers mod? ( RPG ) with MTA ? In mirc it says - Installation - Just install all files into your root mIRC directory and can someone explain it a bit more? how do I use mirc to use the script? hmm something that would be great would be a step to step howto that tells me what to do first and after that and after that and so on..
  7. RPG mode all the way but.... a few changes ;p
  8. I love chasing ppl with my police car
  9. Raideno


    I gotta try battlefield then
  10. Yeah would be great if it helped Because its damn laggy if you are the passenger
  11. Raideno


    I was not talking about a voice chat Like when you talk with everyone you press "T" And if you want to talk with your team you press "Y" or something
  12. Raideno


    Well when I play mta Im always a cop under the name [COP]PimpD some might have seen me .. some might not ah well here is my ideas. Teamchat* for etc cops,robbers,racers :') Would make it easier to work as a team. NPC's* There should be npcs that sell weapons for high prices Money You should earn a amount of money per car stolen and people killed and a big bonus if you steal a car from someone that is currently in it. The bonus thing should work only every 10min.. so none exploit it :') And with the money you can buy those weapons from the npcs i talked about. Some kind of missions?
  13. Raideno

    hey :P

    ah welll anyone know whats wrong? It worked fine once then when I tried to join a server i get a error msg men i press enter or space , you know the windows xp thing "Send" error thing
  14. Raideno

    hey :P

    Sorry didn't notice you
  15. Raideno

    hey :P

    gah, i got into the first server in the list but now I get an error when I get the msg of the day...I played on a server before.. it worked fine. now it wont work whats wrong? >,
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