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  1. hey The_GTA, i decided to delete the userpanel mod, and make one by myself. there was no chance that i would fix the problem, as i said i dont know a lot of scripting but i will search for tutorials and do it slowly, i found a program called Visual Studio Code that has a MTA SA Lua Code extension wich helps a lot XD, but thanks again man ❤️ i hope that u can help me with the scripts if i see any problem im the process ❤️
  2. i will try to figure out how to do a new command to update in the server side, and try to share the information with the saving script that i have, Thank you so much by your help, God Bless you, and if i have any problem running the code i will notify here ❤️
  3. man, now my head is broken 🤔, as i said in the start i only know the very basics like show a message in the screen , i will really need help in that. but, how can i share the donation information across clients, and trigger a server event?. for you can be easy to solve but for me it is an alian language 😅 i don't want to abuse of your generosity, so if u are busy or can't help i will understand and try to learn and solve myself, it will take a loooooong time but i think it will work i guess 😅 😅
  4. thank you very much man ❤️ much love ❤️ ❤️
  5. Hey The_GTA, Thanks for The Help, And sorry for being Dumb, the .Lua files that manage the wheel change is on the "donator" Folder "Userpanel/files/data/donator" and there have the Donator_c.Lua and the Donator_s.Lua and in the Wheels folder "Userpanel/files/data/donator/wheels", there have the wheels_c.Lua and wheels_s.Lua these .Lua files are the unique files that manage's wheel change. But i checked in another Userpanel(that is ugly as hell) the script runs an admin command to change the wheels (i dont know if scripts can do that), so everybody can see the modified wheels that is on the car, but i dont know, why the userpanel that i'm using can't do that. it change the wheels, but only for the person that is playing, the other players can't see it and i was hunting that issue by 3 days and i'm about to be Crazy by now XD and i dont know if this issue is by "design" , i won't believe it is, this has to be a bug or a script fail i dont know, i'm calling help cuz i spend too much time chasing that issue and nothing ;-;
  6. Hey! , sorry for wasting you time guys, but i'm having a problem with a mod that i downloaded for my DestructionDerby server, is a user panel, when i tested it i saw one issue, when a donator (in donator tab) choose a wheel, the other players can't see the wheel that the donator are using, even the normal ones from the game. i dont have a lot of knowledge in scripting (i only know the very basics) and i tryed to find the error by myself by 3 days, and nothing. i dont know what's happening, if you guys can help me, i will be os much gratefull. i will leave the link for download so you guys can test and see (u need another player to see the issue) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N26FW1hBZ1ErkiAoJSrxpMIYwnXTkRRU/view?usp=sharing I Hope that you guys can help me out! ❤️