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  1. whats up VCK?? yea i know, im inactive.... maybe on BLUE i wont?
  2. i think he means evil hack?
  3. LOL that was intense chronic
  4. man too bad GTA: SA comes out for gaystation 2 first and we PC gamers have to wait for the pc version....hope its not a long wait!
  5. pitbull

    DOOM 3

    the reason nvidia runs better on d00m3 is because its OPENGL code stuff is updated. ATI hasnt updated their OPENGL code for awhile since hardly ne games used opengl that were good games......but now ATI is willing to release an update just for doom3. it will have its OPENGL code updated and stuff.....im sure ATI can surpass Nvidia on the long run withbetter performance on doom3. ATI just needs to get their shit together. BTW i hope i get my copy tomorrow! me and my AA:O clan are expanding into Doom3 multiplayer(btw its no longer on 4player multiplayer. there r servers now that support up to
  6. pitbull

    DOOM 3

    SWEET!...im still waiting for my copy of doom 3!
  7. pitbull

    DOOM 3

    alright. whos getting DOOM 3?? i already have mine preordered.
  8. pitbull

    New Clan for MTA

    yea i agree with u vass
  9. I believe he likes chocolate chip cookies or oreos
  10. G-Theft and his friends thought they were in The Matrix. They were wrong
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