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  1. I reinstalled MTA:SA And GTA:SA but problem not fixed help me , thanks.
  2. Hello again Please help. I could enter the servers with vps until a few days ago, but now I am facing this error. Please help. I have really important things to do inside the server. Thanks
  3. VPS Hosted on Iran provide by khalijserver.com We used to be able to log in without any problems, but now it is not possible. If there is a way to enter the server via vps, it will be very good because I can only come with vps.
  4. Is there no other way to run MTA Client on VPS ?
  5. Hi recently I try to connect to my localhost server. but on connecting I got kicked. I got this message : https://pasteboard.co/JwetFLf.png I try other servers but I got again this message and I was kicked Please Help thanks
  6. Hi we are looking for a function to move a photo from left to right or right to left at a fixed time! Please help we ! thanks
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