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  1. This video was made by 2 russian stuntmen-UrbanMan and WEREWOLF Stunts: UrbanMan&WEREWOLF Editing: UrbanMan Please download our video and rate it. We are waiting for your comments UrbanMadness-part 3(60Mb) Filefront mirror P.S. Sorry for some grammar mistakes.
  2. It is because the video editor of this video has a dial-up connection so it was easier to upload three files. I suppose that the biggest part of all stunts were made using default vehicles(for example, I don't have any modded cars in my game). But there are Skyline and Toyota Supra in our video because Supra looks better than Sabre Turbo
  3. Prokopis OK. After record updating we will stop broking records every 5 minutes
  4. OK, then my 2 wheels time record: P.S. Scooby
  5. I've found this in my Screenshots folder http://www.thegamersalliance.com/uploaded/2wheels_607feet.JPG P.S. The image is big, so i decided to post a link.
  6. It's my stunt and I can say that this stunt were made using clear game without cheats and mods. I just was lucky.(but cops were not ) And this is a glitch. But the best were made without any mods
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