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  1. function repairVehicle ( thePlayer, commandName) if ( isPedInVehicle ( thePlayer ) ) then local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer) local succes = fixVehicle ( theVehicle ) if ( succes ) then outputChatBox (" 1 ", thePlayer ) outputChatBox ( "0", thePlayer ) end end end addCommandHandler ( "rv", repairVehicle) Its serverside
  2. How to add a output for saying that you're no longer Ghost?
  3. function ghostmode_on() local playerVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) -- Get the players vehicle if(playerVehicle) then -- Check the return value. for i,v in pairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do --LOOP through all vehicles setElementCollidableWith(v, playerVehicle, false) -- Set the collison off with the other vehicles. end outputChatBox("You are now a Ghost") end end addCommandHandler("ghostmode", ghostmode_on) -- Add the /ghostmode Command. What I need to change to get it working with players? I'm new help me man
  4. I know, that's why Im asking another way to do it
  5. How to fix invicible weapon when press for the jetpack?
  6. Still doesn't work, the head is stuck to the right, I want it for all not just local player man
  7. I started days ago on this.. if you can send me the code it would be great man
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