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  1. Oh man, I really hope the other coders agree to release it, MTA lacks a good performance friendly NPC peds system and Forseti's was the closest thing to the single player mode traffic. After playing with it, it's really hard to come back to the standard empty world MTA!
  2. I remember playing on Forseti a couple of times, hope the NPC peds resource also makes it to the public, it really made the world feel alive and was much better than any other NPC system I've seen!
  3. It works perfectly so far, thank you so much for your help! I use scene2res a lot, that would be an useful feature for huge maps.
  4. Yes I'm aware, I tried using the Liberty City interior too but the rendering of objects with transparency is bugged among other things. The .map file works as intended and the new maps correctly appears in dimension 54, the problem is the default San Andreas map getting in the way, removeworldmodel does get rid of it but also affects dimension 0. If only there was a parameter for dimensions like it has for interiors... I tried that approach too, but the map needs to use the out of bounds water for since it has lots of sea ports and islands (createwater doesn't works as it only raises t
  5. This script removes every single default map object (except the ones I need), the problem is that if affects every single dimension, is there a way to make removeWorldModel delete the objects only in dimension 54? I want to build a new map in that dimension while leaving the default map on dimension 0 intact. thanks in advance! local ignoreObjects = { [3990]=true, [4131]=true, } for i=550,20000 do if not ignoreObjects[i] then removeWorldModel(i,10000,0,0,0) end end setOcclusionsEnabled(false)
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